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Rebel Code

“Monkey Marc is a producer’s producer; staunchly independent and probably Australian electronic music’s best-kept secret. His music channels the spirit of punk, original dubstep, Public Enemy, modern beats and electronic culture, and the heaviest of Jamaican riddims all at once.” – VICE

Born in Cardiff, Wales, Monkey Marc is a producer from Melbourne, Australia where he makes music in a fully solar-powered music studio in a shipping container. His music has been released on labels including Jahtari, Renegade Masters, Elefant Traks, Big Dada, and Glastonbury Festival’s Uncommon Records.

Monkey’s passion for music and social change has taken him across remote regions of Australia and the world. After several near-death accidents in his first career as a mining geologist, he switched to a life of music and political agitation, spending years roaming the Australian desert as an activist and guerrilla environmentalist.

Monkey Marc

IRIE™ | Monkey Marc - Rebel Code featuring Turbulence, BLVK H3RO & Yeza

Release Date: October 16, 2020
Copyright: 2020 Monkey Marc
Total Length: 53:24
Total Tracks: 13
Format: Album
Genre: Reggae

After releasing singles like No Surrender, Yaad N Abraad and Badness, Monkey Marc is now releasing the ‘Vital Sound’ album which has been 4 years in the making.

‘Vital Sound’ is a hard-hitting blend of reggae, hip hop, dancehall, dub and grime. It boasts a heavyweight line-up of 20 Jamaican and UK reggae stars. Lead single ‘Rebel Code’ features Turbulence, Blvk H3ro, and Yeza with a message of black empowerment, revolution, and legacy.

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