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Micronomade is a Dub / Reggae project born in February 2018, where Muñe After 25 years of being a vocalist and reggae musician, he goes over to the production side.

Micronomade is a participatory project, where he connects with national and international singers and instrumentalists (Jamaica, Germany, Japan, Chile, Spain and Barbados among others) to give the final seal to each track, which is accompanied by a video of his own realization.

Micronomade performs live dub where they create and improvise new mixes of their productions, which makes no show the same, intervening to the sounds with characteristic effects and classics of dub (filters, delays, reverbs), creating new atmospheres and new sounds.

Micronomade – Llegué

IRIE™ | Micronomade - Llegué

Release Date: February 24, 2020
Label: Wami Records
Copyright: 2020 Cristian Ariel Cargnello / Micronomade
Total Length: 41:01
Total Tracks: 11
Format: Album
Genre: Reggae

In his short but no less important life story, he has appeared in international events such as the Earthdance Argentina 2018 in Cordoba, and has been on tour in Brazil, playing and producing several of the most important dub and reggae artists in this country.

In less than a year, Micronomade has made more than 50 productions and 3 albums.

His latest work is the 11 track album entitled ‘Llegué’, featuring collaborations with artist Ryoko, EZB, Steppadelic & Toby Davies, Children of Jacob, Rudeboy Luchiano, Afrikan Dub, Boby Ch, Ras Makka, InI Jahtoni & Fly Katanah, and Aiivan.

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