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Solid as the clock

High Paw is a singjay (singer and MC) from Vigo, Spain who was born in 1993. Her writer’s side began to take form when she was fifteen years old and in between parks and stages, she set her voice free. She is influenced by the great black music singers, but she never deprives her ear of the most different styles. Old days’ sounds fascinated her since she was a child and woke up in her a special interest in music rooted in Jamaica, its message and its instrumentation.

“At vinyl sessions and jam sessions, sharing vibes, she can develop her style moving from the freest Soul to strict Rub A Dub”. As years pass by she adapted her lyrics to a riddim selection under ‘Nuh Face Records’ production. She released her first work with original lyrics, entitled ‘Searching for the Recipe’, which was recorded at Viguese studio The Dub Yard where she normally works. After a few years, High Paw presents this EP with her dj, Nahno Selectah and her backing vocals singer, Laura Mercy, and with her band, ‘Elephants Yard’, touring through Galician venues and stages in the Iberian Peninsula.

High Paw – Solid as the clock

IRIE™ | High Paw - Solid as a clock

Release Date: March 17, 2020
Label: Cool Up Records
Copyright: 2020 Cool Up Records
Total Length: 28:55
Total Tracks: 8
Format: Album
Genre: Reggae

Her newest album release is ‘Solid As The Clock’ which is produced, recorded and edited in collaboration with the spanish label Cool Up Records. The album contains 7 songs, which include featuring collabs with ‘Payoh SoulRebel and Tenor Mario’ and a bonus track. It’s available on different formats as vinyl, CD and also for digital download and streaming.

In ‘Solid As The Clock’, High Paw is expressing her views and concerns on different issues on Digital Reggae and Rub a Dub riddims. These are the genres that fit High Paw’s style as she flows easily. Evoking the elegance and protest from the deejay style in the 80s, her music combines entertainment while at the same time pointing out cultural issues… including catchy lyrics with a conscious background.


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