RESPECT | L’Entourloop – Madzilla feat. Troy Berkley & Blabbermouf

RESPECT | L'Entourloop - Madzilla feat. Troy Berkley & Blabbermouf 1

A few days after the announcement of its long-awaited 3rd album scheduled for June 10, L’Entourloop drops a new single, “Madzilla,” which brings together two explosive raggamuffin MCs, close to the mysterious collective, on a hip-hop beat, embellished with a reggae skank and some calypso samples.

Legendary MC and epicurean Troy Berkley, who has accompanied L’Entourloop on stage and in the studio since its beginnings, combined with the excellent Dutch MC BlabberMouf, who has just joined the collective on its new live show!

An explosive new single to mark the return of L’Entourloop on stage alongside the 2 MCs, Troy Berkley and BlabberMouf, and the trumpet master N’Zeng!


In April 2022, L’Entourloop began its long-awaited comeback with its new single entitled “Florilège.” They invited no less than 3 MCs to record on a reggae/dancehall-infused hip-hop beat which is the sound signature of the French collective! Guinean singer Lyricson, a key figure in the French Reggae scene, opens the track with his powerful flow and rocky voice. He then passes the mic to Queen Omega, the dancehall queen from Trinidad & Tobago, who set the track on fire with an incredible fast style. Finally, Red Fox, the legendary New York MC of Jamaican origin, brings up the rear with a more laid-back verse to end smoothly. The pure L’Entourloop vibe for this new single announces heavy news coming soon and should delight fans!

Be sure to check back next month as L’Entourloop graces the cover of the June 2022 edition of IRIE Magazine!