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Respect | Jah Farmer 1

‘Not Fi Dem’ is the title of Nah Deal Production’s new single.

After the international collaboration with Laza Morgan (Betta Day 2013), this time Jah Farmer is accompanied by Eazy Wayne, a veteran Jamaican sinjay on the scene since over 20 years.

Not Fi Dem featuring Eazy Wayne

IRIE™ | Jah Farmer feat. Eazy Wayne - Not Fi Dem

Release Date: July 5, 2019
Label: Nah Deal Production
Copyright: 2019 Nah Deal Production
Total Length: 3:23
Total Tracks: 1
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

Respect | Jah Farmer 1
Respect | Jah Farmer 1

Not Fi Dem, a phrase which seems to ‘exclude’, but in reality has a strong identity and a collective awareness, by those who have found through the reggae music, not only the privileged instrument to express themselves, but also a specific lifestyle.

Most artist would approach with a gangster or gun lyrics but Jah Farmer and Eazy Wayne find social 
commentary to express on this sunny and contagious riddim. A powerful song with a positive message 
that will touch and move all dancehall and reggae lovers once listen to it.

Jah Farmer is walking straight on the path traced by Supaweapon and Rawzeen, he composed and 
arranged the instrumental version, expressing all his consciousness and artistic skills.

Eazy Wayne is a never stop working artist, he just keeps on spreading his positive musical energy to the whole universe, currently, his singles ‘Protect Them’ and ‘Concern’ are two of the hottest songs played by Jamaican radios.

Nah Deal Productions is a powerhouse movement originating outta Naples in 2012 by two veterans of 
the business. Mario Fyah is a seasoned MC whose been Sound System steady for years. Jah Farmer is a riddim master/singer whose been rising up to the levels.

After Supaweapon riddim and the most recent ‘Rawzeen’, they add another big piece to their catalog.


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