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Eazy Wayne is a veteran roots reggae artist from rural Jamaica with a deep originality, energy, and 
beautiful, passionate voice, who inspires fans around the world with his soulful vibe and versatility.

Eazy Wayne’s music career began 25 years ago with ‘Care Yu Body’. Always bringing a conscious message, Eazy Wayne has had good success with ‘Whenever I’m Away’, ‘Talk to Dem’ and ‘Lump Sum’, a collaboration with Admiral Tibet and Lutan Fyah.

In 2007, Eazy Wayne released his debut album, Judgement Fi Dem 2000°, including these and other tracks, after ‘Judgement Fi Dem’, the title track, made its mark on local and global reggae charts. The popular video for ‘Judgement Fi Dem’ showcases an energetic, rootsy, performance by Eazy Wayne, with wonderful scenes of Jamaican countryside and a fiery, unforgettable Rasta gathering.

Eazy Wayne is now hotting up the place with ‘Protect Them’ and ‘Concern’, released in May 2019. The people are sharing lots of love, with the response getting stronger and stronger. Jamaica’s Irie FM weekly 
‘Entertainment Buzz’ featured Eazy Wayne in February, spotlighting the success of ‘Protect Them’ which has a newly-released, must-see music video.

Not Fi Dem

IRIE™ | Jah Farmer feat. Eazy Wane - Not Fi Dem

Release Date: July 5, 2019
Label: Nah Deal Production
Copyright: 2019 Nah Deal Production
Total Length: 3:23
Total Tracks: 1
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

Respect | Eazy Wayne 1
Respect | Eazy Wayne 1

New this month, ‘Not Fi Dem’, a NAH DEAL Production from Italy, uniquely blends Eazy Wayne in an upbeat collaboration with Jah Farmer. Don’t miss the lyrics video.

Eazy Wayne is a non-stop working artist who is fueled by good and positive messages within the music, which he celebrates along with life.

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