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Eelco Kastermans (Asher-E), aka ‘Riddim Master’, is back with a new single and music video! The all-round reggae musician, sound engineer and producer from Deventer (Netherlands), is known for his melodica works. For many years he has been the producer and sound engineer for Black Star Foundation.

Higher Meditation

IRIE™ | Asher-E - Higher Meditation

Release Date: July 19, 2019
Label: Asher-E Producties
Copyright: 2019 Asher-E Producties
Total Length: 4:59
Total Tracks: 1
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

Respect | Asher-E 1
Respect | Asher-E 1

His latest work, ‘Higher Meditation’, is a massive follower with a stepper and wicked bassline, ready to be played on any sound across the globe. The video was released on Reggaeville on July 23rd, Haile Selassie’s earthstrong. It is made with the beautiful paintings of Vivienne Kroes and is a tribute to Haile Selassie I.

All instruments on ‘Higher Meditation’ played by Asher-E. Percussion by Asher-E & Dee-Man. Higher Meditation was mixed and mastered by Asher-E. The music video was made by Asher-E with camera work by Dee-Man. The single cover artwork was created by Martin Geuzendam Paintings by @wearvkart.

Asher-E plays many instruments and has a long list of productions (dubplates and tunes), mostly on the Black Star Foundation label. His work includes the album, ‘Blaze Fire’ by Osagyefo (Ghana); two singles by Lady K-Wida (e.g. ‘One Man Woman ft. Yellowman’); ‘Dub & Dwars’, the reggae album by the Dutch rapper, Brainpower; the album ‘Black Star presents Vivian Jones’ with Jamaican singer Vivian Jones; the EP, ‘Exile Di Brave meets Black Star’, by Exile Di Brave (Jamaica) and ‘The Black Star Tracks’, by the Irie Lioness, Leah Rosier. Asher-E also produced the Black Star riddims, ‘Bad Girls’, ‘Rub-A-Dub’, ‘Lovely Girl’ & ‘World of Righteousness’.


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