Respect | Fyaworks

Irie Magazine Cali Edition - November 2015 - Respect - Fyaworks


Music is life and it crosses all boundaries and goes across all oceans. Just like the actual fireworks that burst in the air with their own unique splendor; so is the one and only: ‘FYAWORKS’

Johnny (Fyaworks) Jarrett-Graham, is a very talented and diverse artist, his music is alike yet still different in its own respect; his music captivates the mind and soothes the soul with his melodic voice and heartfelt songs. He touches all subjects pertaining to life and what’s going on in the world today. Fyaworks can put his sound to any track.

The name fyaworks, defines: an artistic display; the works of the fyah is always hot! The works of the Fire is love; but if you vex the fire you will get burned(musically Speaking). The fire! works, it can heal, mend broken hearts, bring joy to those feeling pain. His experience and knowledge of music, can be heard pulsating trough the speakers and swaying on the riddims. His a very positive artist; and uplifting, still he’s quick to turn over babylon corruption table. His musical moods change with each song, as you will hear, whether it be a love song, culture, dancehall, or voicing on a hip hop track, techno or soca; he’ll get it to the masses. All races and genres must hear my music says Fyah!

Johnny (Fyaworks) is very family oriented; having three daughters of his own, he says 2nd to the most high; they are the driving force behind his music. Everyone has a story to tell, every artist is talented in his own way, so what sets this artist apart from the rest of them: his patience, perseverance and love for music that is. His willingness to experiment with all music and languages.

His talents do not stop there he’s also doing production; which he believes will assist him later in life, if his daughters follow suit and become artist/performers themselves.

His inspiration comes from JAH RASTAFARI, nature, his kids, everyday life, ups and downs and just about anyone who’s in tune with reality. Fact not fiction says Fyaworks. So please incline thy ears and look as well as listen to this artist who is more than ready to share his music with the world. He has extensively performed in many venues all over the u.s, and has opened up shows for many major acts from Jamaica and England.

Fyah is here to make a big impact within the music fraternity; and with the heart of a lion and the faith of Samson; he shall accomplish many great things. Jah is love; so let us all love. One heart, one aim ,and one destiny.