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Edy Vox

Salvador, Bahia – Brazil

Meet EDY VOX. For Europeans, he is the reggae voice in ‘Triste Tropique’, the hit single that permeated the Parisian and London charts of 2009 with rapper, producer and French DJ of brazilian descent, Rockin’ Squat. For Bahian people, Edy Vox is the voice and the ‘hats guy’ behind the songs ‘A Massa’, ‘Tá Liberado’, ‘Rastaman’, and the reinterpretation of ‘Assim Assado’.

Celebrating a career of 26 years, Edy Vox e A Banda has released four albums; the CD – ‘Eletro Acústico’ which contains 11 tracks and two reinterpretation – ‘Ave Maria no Morro’ from Herivelto Martins and ‘Telegrama’ from Zeca Baleiro. ‘A Banda’ is made up of 8 members, featuring a mixture of so many musical styles, influences and philosophies. Among them include Afro blocks’ swing from Salvador; in particular, the alleys from São Caetano and Camaçari city, mixing the heavy metal from industrial pole with the beautiful Arembepe´s beaches.

Their career includes countless performances on stage and in electric trios, not only around Salvador´s carnival, but also in smaller carnivals like the ones from Camaçari (Camafolia), Conceição do Coité (Coitéfolia), Lauro de Freitas (Beach Folia ), Serrinha, Alagoinhas (Alafolia), Esplanada, Sátiro Dias, Paripiranga, Madre de Deus (Madre Verão), Amélia Rodrigues, Conceição do Almeida, Salinas, among others. He has also made performances in cities like Maceió, Belém, Aracaju, Vitória and Brasília dance.

Edy Vox has shared the stage with great artists including The Wailers, Tribo de Jah, Cidade Negra, Edson Gomes, Steel Pulse, Culture, Gregory Isaacs, Starlights, Dennis Brown, Max Romeo, Lucky Dube, Siddy Ranks, Andrew Tosh and Midnite. He also took part in Trilhas Urbanas´ compilation in Salvador, with the song ‘Tá Liberado’, together with Olodum.