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Salvador, Bahia – Brazil

Meet Dissidência. Val Caetano, Hélio Man and Acácio Buia were three friends who were brothers, singers and composers from Santo Amaro. They came together with one common goal of spreading the art and culture from people who have suffered, were humiliated and forgotten through music. They chose the name ‘Dissidência’ (Dissident) to express that they felt differently about the current world´s system of things. Needing a producer, they invited Ismael Neto known as Jájá, a close friend who always supported the band. With the arrival of Jájá, Dissidência was now official; a family nicknamed affectionately by
themselves as People of Jah.

Dissidência has already shared stages with international artist Alpha Blondy, Morgan Heritage, Clinton Fearon, The Congos, Lucky Dube, Andrew Tosh, Groundation, Siddy Ranks, Israel Vibration, Bunny Wailer, Midnite, Dezarie, Starlight, Jimmy Cliff and others. On the national reggae scene also shared the stage with great names like Edson Gomes, Sine Calmon, Nengo Vieira, Tribo de Jah and Cidade Negra . They’ve also performed concerts with artists from other musical genres such as Maria Betânia, Caetano Veloso, Milton Nascimento, Elba Ramalho, Daniela Mercury, Racionais MCs, Marcelo D2, Margaret Menezes and Exalta Samba.

Influenced by the ideas from Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Edson Gomes, the band tries to show through music a picture of real stories of everyday life, reports of racial discrimination, example of social injustices and also sing love in a singular way with involving melody and strong lyrics. Nowadays, several songs from Dissidência are considered hits on the Reggae scene. Among them are ‘Help Sudão, Injustiça’, ‘Cansada Rotina’, ‘Riqueza do Recôncavo’, ‘Jean’, ‘Desesperados’, ‘Paquera’ and ‘Rasta Neguinho’.

Their message: “Think! We are free because we were created by the Almighty Supreme Lord Jah!”