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Kid Nesian

Meet Kid Nesian (real name Brian Kepi)… a 21 year old singer/songwriter from Papua New Guinea, who is fast becoming a rising star around the Pacific and is projected to be the ‘next big thing’ in the Island Reggae music scene.

Born on the beautiful island of Papua New Guinea, a nation rich in cultural diversity and over 800 languages, he brings his own unique flavor from this region of the world to the Island Reggae genre. His style has often been described as “Refreshing”, as he blends genres to create his own blend of Island Reggae. Often compared to a younger ‘JBoog’, Kid Nesian brings a modern twist and edge that helps him stand out amongst other reggae singers.

Born to a famous musician father who was the lead guitarist for one of the most famous and iconic bands in his homeland during the 80’s and 90’s, Kid Nesian grew up in a musical family where his passion for music was fostered in a musical household.

After coming in second in PNG’s largest reality TV singing competition, Digicel Stars, his first 2 singles from his upcoming EP, ‘Stap Wantaim Yu’ and ‘Tamine’ became hits all around the South Pacific. He was recently made a mini brand ambassador for Sprite because of his fast rising popularity.

After receiving formal permission from the legendary rock band ‘The Scorpions’ from Germany to do a cover of their classic 90’s smash hit song ‘Wind of Change’, Kid Nesian has put a unique sunshine drenched, happy island reggae spin on this iconic track which is sure to be a hit with reggae lovers all around the world.

IRIE Magazine invites you to check out Kid Nesian’s latest release, ‘One Kiss’, the 3rd single from his upcoming EP. The reggae love ballad fuses elements of Pop + RnB laced with some island reggae stylings.