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Xiaochuan Yang aka ChinoYang, is a Bay Area-based hip-hop artist. Being a Chinese kid growing up in H.P. ( Bayview Hunters Point), Chino was heavily influenced by the inner city black culture on his arrival to the U.S back in 2002. Chino was exposed to a lot of gospel music, soul, funk, R&B, Rock, and Reggae but the most impactful genre was Hip Hop. Ice Cube’s Today was a good day was the very first single he heard and was captivated by the cadence and content of it! At the age of 15, he joined the Poetry Writing workshop at the old Bayview library. his initiation was by his teacher/Mentor Mr. Thompson from New York City. During his 2 yrs of learning and practicing hip-hop at the workshop, he managed to overcome his language barrier and established himself among his peers of the class. Being one of the few Asian kids from the block, ChinoYang had to earn his respect from his peers by joining the Rap battle at the YMCA back in 2004.

Given that ChinoYang left China at such an early age, his Chinese literacy is only at an elementary level. But he still joined one of the hottest Rap show back in 2018 went against 15,000 other contestants worldwide. After spending 5 months competing fiercely at the show, ChinoYang made it to the top 20 Rapper with RichChains of China. He is now been widely recognized and appreciated as the Champion of North America and an excellent Chef. As for Chino, Food &Music are two of his affections and passions, he finds the joy of making food and music with the most genuine intentions. He refused to be a puppet of the devious music industry and is known to be one of the few Outspoken Chinese HipHop Artist both repping Fujian, China and the Bay area. He has revealed to us that his main goal is to spread peace, love, and truth in both his food and music. As far as his music career goes, he is fearless and careless about the mainstream media. According to him, that being free is the ultimate satisfaction as an artist. Chino says anyone who comes to San Francisco without checking out Kung Food would be a whole loss. His music is mostly on NetEase music, but you can still find some of them on YouTube under (ChinoYang).

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