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‘Heart of a Warrior’ is the 5th album from longtime California Reggae group Dub Nation. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, this release is a 25th Anniversary Dub Anthology. It features the previously unreleased title track ‘Heart of a Warrior’, which tells of the unrelenting spirit of those faced with extreme adversity.

Life Set Away (Remix)

IRIE™ | Dub Nation - Heart of a Warrior

Release Date: November 14, 2018
Label: Nationrizn Recording Co
Copyright: 2018 Frank J Caruso
Total Length: 44:16
Total Tracks: 10
Format: Album
Genre: Reggae

The song kicks off the “The Dub Foundation”, a charitable fundraising group in hopes of bringing the community together. Their mission, to help causes such as the Lucille Packard Children’s Cancer Hospital and The Wounded Warriors Foundation. Leader of the group and producer/composer Frank ‘Fantom’ Caruso, a long time fan of The Golden State Warriors, wanted to bring the band and the team together in a project, as the moniker of their fiercely loyal fans is also known as ‘Dub Nation’.

Lead vocalist GC Cameron, former lead singer of The Spinners and The Temptations, gives forth another powerful performance on ‘Heart of a Warrior’, as the ex-Vietnam Veteran and member of the Marine Corp, GC continues to record and perform today, celebrating his 50th year as an artist. Cameron’s hit song with The Spinners ‘It’s a Shame’, was Motown’s first blockbuster international hit. His collaborations with Dub Nation go back almost a decade.

Each anthology song has been re-mastered and re-edited from its original release. Rebranded with inspirational slogans of The Golden State Warriors’ incredible playoff run, furthering the claim that they are the greatest team ever assembled. Their time, energy and donations to community outreach off the court have touched many lives. Assisting the suffering and less fortunate is a cause that unites us all, so portions of the sale of ‘Heart of a Warrior’ will be donated.

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