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Underground mainstay Z-MAN first splashed onto the scene in 1996 with the release of his original crew 99th Demention’s self-titled album. Since then Z-MAN has released over a dozen critically acclaimed projects and toured the U.S. and Europe extensively. Last year alone saw the release of The Vegetable & The Ferret project with White Mic of Bored Stiff, an E.P. with producer G-PEK entitled ‘In Case You Forgot’, and a solo album from his alter ego, ‘The Gingerbread Man’, entitled ‘Powder Music’.

A charismatic emcee from the San Francisco Bay Area, Z-man, who also goes by Z-Mainey & Z- Dazzle, is best known for his unusual rhyme flow, subject matter, extensive slang dictionary, comical party-centric tales, and stage show. After building up a sizeable rep releasing numerous cassette-only albums and performing. Z-man landed a deal with Hieroglyphic’s label; and collaborated with Elon of D6 to put out ‘Anti Nerd’ for buzz while his most high profile LP to date, 2003’s ‘Dope or Dog food’ with the production from Elon, Slim Good worthy a producer of 99th-Demention, Eons and Moss to come out. At the same time, he formed a group One Block Radius an alternative/rap trio California LA based. One Block Radius was offered a recording contract with Island Def Jam, on which they made their major-label debut in 2008. In 2009 Z-man was back with his first solo effort since 2005’s ‘Don’t Forget To Brag’ collab with Gpek on production, the 2009 EP ‘Show up Shut up and Rap’.

In 2015, Z-MAN is back with his new album, ‘The Opening Act’, produced entirely by Elon. The Opening Act is the classic tale of an indie rap artist trying to become the headliner and money maker in this music game. The album features Luke Sick, Lady Fingaz, The Gingerbread Man, Johanna Phraze, Dj Quest, Trunk Drank, Hopie, Opio and Pep Love. To M.C. is truly Z-Man thing on stage. Be sure to look out for a few new projects from Z-Man in the second half of 2019. Respect!


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