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Sandra Odiahi, formerly goes by the stage names, Sandra to later perform with the stage name BlessinDra, now popularly known as BDRA, (born on 27th November) in Opoji, Esan central-local government, Edo state (Nigeria) is a veteran singer from Nigeria.

Her music style became known as ‘Ijeleghe Vibes’. It is a mix of traditional Nigerian music, Jamaican Dancehall and Esan highlife fused with chanted vocals. She used it to revolutionize the musical structure in Nigeria with lyrics that focused on social issues, like campaigns against women’s circumcision in the country.

She started dancing and singing at the early age of seven, she is the first of six siblings, she was brought up by her grandmother, who was also a traditional music teacher. She attended Oghagbo Primary school, Opoji and Opoji secondary commercial School, to proceed at Okhore School, Edo state in Nigeria, to finally obtained a diploma in fashion design.

Sandra, was inspired by her grandmother who passed away in the early 90’s at the age of 61. Her grandmother was famous for producing and publishing mainstream traditional singers like Obilu sounds, a local music band known for releasing series of highlife hit songs in the 70’s.

Sandra emerged to inherit complete entertainment knowledge. she started professionally as a chorister of Baptist church, Oghagbo community, Opoji, where she developed her music writing skill.

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