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Huge Andrew

Antigua & Barbuda

Roots Reggae artiste, Huge Andrew, was born on the Caribbean island of Antigua & Barbuda which is known for its white sandy beaches and calypso music. Huge has however taken a love for reggae music , roots and culture. With his cultural heritage in Rastafari livity and a love for conscious and positive vibes, he takes joy in creating music that positively influences. Huge, along with his brother, Hojah George and Adinfinitum Music Productions, aim to spread positive vibes around the world through reggae music, with a flavour that is uniquely Wadadli!

As a young boy growing up in a Rastafari cultured environment, Huge Andrew was often surrounded by the sounds of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, I Jahman Levi and Israel Vibration to name a few. Having taken roots to the mystical vibrations of the mystical warriors, music however, was never his foregoing passion until his days of completing secondary education when the love and passion and more so his ability as a writer and vocalist became more apparent after singing at his graduation.

He participated in the Star Quest 268 competition where he displayed his ability as a singer-songwriter which gave clearer conceptions to his abilities. After this, the interest grew and with encouragement from family and friends alike, Huge began taking his talents and ablities more seriously. Music remained a pastime for Huge while completing studies as a registered nurse and working as registered nurse. The love and passion however continued to grow and Huge decided to take it to another level in promoting himself as a reggae artiste. With a distinct powerful voice, the authentic musical sounds of Hojah George aka Herbcell and a powerful message of love, peace, truths and righteousness to all man and with Most High Jah Rastafari as his guide and shield, Huge forward on his mission to give to you and the world authentic roots music of the highest quality Adinifinitum. AH JUSS SO WE ROOTS!!!!