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IRIE - October 2023 Issue featuring Zoe Mazah & Gwari Music

Zoe Mazah & Gwari Music

Soul Rebel

Meet ZOE MAZAH… Zoe was born in Monrovia/Liberia to a Liberian woman and a German man. Due to life circumstances, Zoe was brought to Germany as a child and lived with her German aunt, husband, and son, who became her parents and brother. Zoe grew up in a small town in the south of Germany, spending most of her time at her grandmother’s farm close to the alps.

In this farmhouse was a grand piano, and one day Zoe heard someone playing, and she instantly fell in love with the full-body sensation the instrument made her feel. Soon after, Zoe had the chance to take lessons in a public music school program where her Piano time became more critical. She could read notes long before she learned to read and write in school. The Piano and the concentration while practicing started to be her safe place, a time to dream and escape. The world of music became her wonderland.

She became very serious with studying classical music from Mozart to Beethoven along with the usual classical studies. Her teacher gave her ragtimes and easy blues and jazz tunes to learn and to open her horizon. He shared his life story about music with Zoe and planted the conviction inside of her that playing an instrument is a very useful survival skill. He also taught her the discipline of practice. To this day, Zoe can still hear him in her head when she would mess up on the same chords… “slowly, Zoe, play it again and again until you’ve got it.” By the age of thirteen, Zoe was sure that she was a musician.

Flash forward to October 2023, and Zoe Mazah’s musical journey continues with the official music video for Soul Rebel featuring Gwari Music’s Louie Melody.

Soul Rebel, from Zoe Mazah’s Higher Vibration album, premiered on YouTube on October 12, 2023. Zoe Mazah wrote the lyrics and also wrote and produced the music along with Rocksteady Fred and Louie Melody (Gwari Music). Musicians involved included Louie Melody (Instruments), Pedro Pulga Silva (Bass), and Nic Horns (Horns). Soul Rebel is mixed & mastered by Rocksteady Fred. Soul Rebel was released on the Upful Music label and distributed by Swingkidz. The Soul Rebel Official video is produced and created by Garage56.

Zoe Mazah writes soul-infused reggae songs of big and small emotions close to her thoughts and feels. Her lyrics are uplifting and powerful enough to touch the heart. Her music meshes fat beats, pumping basslines, and the sweet skanks of reggae guitars seducing and inviting her fans to daydream and relax. Zoe Mazah mixes her African and European heritage with Roots-Reggae vibes and powerful sounds of Nu-Soul and Dub.

Look for Zoe Mazah in her next journey in the upcoming animated music video series, STONEFRENGE, by multidisciplinary artist and musician ZOOLOOK.

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