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Cal Eternal & The Felonious Music Group

Cal Eternal is an American Recording Artist who has been making music since he was fifteen years old. Originally hailing from New Jersey, he currently resides in Oakland, California. Cal Eternal also works and performs in New York, Washington DC, the Atlanta Metro Area, and Los Angeles. Cal – E (as he’s known for short) is getting ready to release his first official album “The Audacity of Smoke,” with songs like Dick Tracy, ILTF, Kawasaki, and High Prices. This album promises to be one of the coldest and most creative projects released by an American MC this year.

Cal Eternal is affiliated with the Felonious Music Group and many other independent Bay Area Artists, including Felonious Moe, Teesh Bobo, ITC, and Big 2wice, to name a few. The Felonious Music Group’s home studio is located in West Oakland and is affectionately referred to as the “Crime Lab.”


Cal-E and the Felonious Music Group are performing all over California and making big waves in the industry, so please keep an eye out for future work and live performances as they continue to build out their first North American tour. For more information about Cal Eternal, his projects, and upcoming concert dates, please visit him on Instagram @Dynamicmc.