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Irie Nanara


The voice of this young woman has always guaranteed a surprise for her audience with each of her music releases since her debut in 2013 with Asgayah Sound, her hometown musical family.

Sara G. Balbuena a.k.a. Irie Nanara, was raised in the north coast of Spain but actually lives in the Basque Country, where her musical adventure began when she was 16 years old. Her musical adventure continues as she pursues a career in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

The first song that Irie Nanara wrote was titled ‘OYE’, a song that talked about how reggae music made her feel. That song paved the way for collaborations with Mochi the Dubber & Arise Soundsystem (Spain) followed by her first stage show with Blueskank Band & Killamanjahro Reggae Band, originally from Madrid, in 2014. As a founding member of the Allanai Cultural Association, with plans to contribute to the sound system culture, Irie Nanara continued her work in 2015, releasing her first EP with George´s Box called ‘Positive Culture’, a George Palmer Production with conscious and honest lyrics, including titles ‘Northern Gyal’ and ‘Warrior Family’.

In 2016, Irie Nanara released crucial songs like ‘Omega Vibration’ and the full of style tribute to the well known ‘Bam Bam’ featuring George Palmer, ‘Ganja Smoker’ produced and mixed by Raggattack for the Freedom Riddim. Of course we have to mention the banger soundtrack of her first official video, ‘Digital Has Nuh Mercy’, which was produced by the young and prodigious Eskimo Attack from Mexico, a song that will be remixed by High Smile Hi Fi, Interrupt & King Toppa for the upcoming release EP of Eskimo Attack, REMIXED.

Irie Nanara considers herself very passionate when it comes to music styles like Rub a Dub, Early Digital, Roots, Stepper and early Dancehall. Some of her musical influences include Martin Campbell, Lady Ann, Super Chick, Sugar Minot, Billy Boyo, Echo Minott, Little Harry and Banana Man to name a few. She has already shared a line up with artists such as Ponchita Peligros & Supah Frans, Yeyo Pérez, Lasai, Masai Warrior, Michael Prophet, SoundKilla & Shiloh Soundsystem. She even appeared on stage for ‘Rototom Sunsplash 2016’ (Dub Academy) with Legal Shot, Iration Steppas feat. Nish Wadada, Stand High Patrol feat. Pupajim and Blackboard Jungle Sound System.

At Rototom Sunsplash 2016, she met Mad Professor, with whom she is already cooking up one of the many succulent songs that she has planned for us in 2017, but not before she releases the upcoming 4-track EP ‘DUBthropologist’ produced by Variedub and another one with Raggattack, called ‘Full Of Vibes’ before the end of 2016.

Her newly released song, ‘Not Like You’, is another example of Nanara´s polished voice on a song from another great Mexican production by Cosmos Sound in collaboration with Supa Frans, a digital album available at Jump & Prance Label with a very intriguing dub version called ‘Dub Like You’.