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Organically bred and grown on reggae, dancehall and hip hop music, Exile Di Brave first started out doing hip hop music while going to college in 2003. He soon found out that as he became seasoned in honing his musical style and competence, he was being usurped by the inevitable melodies of reggae.

His energetic performance at Reggae Jam in Germany; Rototom Festival in Spain & Uprising Festival in Slovakia in 2014 only added another accolade to his musical resume. Using social commentary and personal related content to bring out his messages, he has recorded big tunes such as ‘The Calling’, ‘Voice of the young’, ‘Coming home soon’, ‘Hungry’ and ‘Rasta Party’.

While his official debut album ‘The Calling’ was produced digitally for the most part, Exile invited musicians like Andre Wright, Garfield Blair, Clayton Samuels, Wilkie Powell, Leonard Grierson and Andrew Carter to contribute to his second album called ‘The Journey’. Of the 13 tracks included came the hit ‘Mr. Pretender’ featuring the talented Kazam Davis and ‘Hungry’ song that has been around longest and can be admired in video format as well.

Exile Di Brave has one thing in mind—to face the music with confidence and courage. He believes with the right attitude and message he will be able to inspire the world one verse at a time. Focused and fiery, he is lyrically courageous as well as cultural. Undeterred by anything, he is on the go and has multiplied his talent into writing and directing his own videos. Recently, he has been collaborating with Romain Sherkhan Chiffre and his Raatid Magic Films. You can find Exile di Brave in the latest Raatid Magic ‘Rock Dem’ film and the documentary by Olli Becker & Jonas Schaul, ‘Kingston Crossroads’.

A tribute to his foundation and inspiration had to be on he´s list of releases. With ‘To The Foundation’, a 12-track compilation including one bonus dub track by Addis Pablo, Exile Di Brave provide us a unique project, recording  over authentic Jamaican instrumentals with atmospheric songs and super fresh lyrics. The sounds of the 1960s, 70s and early 80s, created in remarkable recording studios by some of Jamaica’s greatest musicians and producers, take the listener on a journey back in time and space to the islands most meaningful & memorable musical heritage sites. The selected instrumentals are taken from Studio One, Channel One, Treasure Isle and Rockers International just to mention a few major record labels, with the participation of voices as Infinite, Black Omolo & Don Carl.

This charismatic artist is serious about his music and has so far toured Guyana, England, Europe and Mexico; as founder and promoter of the event Vinyl Thursdays, Exile Di Brave plays an important role in preserving Jamaica´s musical heritage and in uplifting Kingston´s weekly nightlife with conscious Roots music. Over two years now Jah Exile and his King Harar Soundsystem crew won a broad fan base, locally as well as overseas, for their strictly Vinyl selections from Reggae over Ska to Rocksteady with Livestream video.

Talking about video, enjoy his latest video release for ‘BE THANKFUL’ the number one track of ‘To The Foundation’ LP »