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With each year that goes by, the Paranaense band, Afrodizia, continues to evolve as an important contributor of Brazilian reggae music around the world. Their sound is original, a union of Brazilian feelings and rhythm music, with the essence and roots of reggae music. During their 15 years on the road, Afrodizia managed to release three albums; Todas as Tribos, Peace and Mutação, as well as perform on a variety of compilations albums. The success of their album, Mutação, paved the way for Afrodizia to travel outside of Brazil to perform, including two European tours (2008 & 2009).

Since the formation of the band, Afrodizia has strived to create a movement that fuses reggae music with the culture of Brazil, while promoting unity and collaboration with bands worldwide.The cornerstone of this movement is a culture of peace, spreading the concept of world unity while connecting the world through music.

Their concept continues with ‘Reggaelização’, Afrodizia´s fourth album, offering sixteen new songs featuring collaborations from some of the biggest names from international reggae and world music. Artists appearing on the album include Carlinhos Brown, Lord Alajiman, Luciano, Peetah Morgan (Morgan Heritage), Isiah Shaka, Pato Banton, House of Shem, Rica Newell, Queen Omega, Cidade Verde Sound, I-Dren Armstrong, Junior Marvin, Big Mountain, Quique Neira & Dean Fraser, and Ombre Zion.

‘Reggaelização’ is produced by Junior Marvin, legendary guitarist of the band The Wailers and Michael Ruzitschka, one of the most talented producers of the new generation of Brazilian music. The album released this year at the 50th anniversary of the Montreux Jazz Festival (2016) in Switzerland, one of most important music festivals in the world.