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Food Inna Di Yaad

DubTafari Sound… In His Words

The thing with brethren Cali P is one of pure Jah Connection. We first met each other in Kingston, Jamaica, where we had already voiced a few dubplates. During that time, I had made rolling papers for his album ‘Healing of the nation’.

In Zurich, we have a mutual friend, Marko aka Dr. Marihuanović, who also distributes Ziggi papers in Switzerland with his Smokers Excellence company. We joined forces and set up shop, a booth at Cannatrade – the international cannabis expo in Zurich. Cali P was promoting his upcoming album ‘i Thoughts’ while offering signed copies of his past CDs and LPs along with his new Ziggi papers. We also had a reggae session, kind a private party for the exhibitors of the Cannatrade where he sang few songs soundsystem style and I played for few hours. And Cali P said to me at the expo that he loved how we bring reggae to the ganja massive that are not reggae audience. That’s a good thing for reggae music, I love that!

We listen to his new upcoming album and voice few dubplates that one of them ‘Food inna di yard’ you can hear now exclusive as Dubtafari dubplate on Irie magazine two weeks before official release.

Cali P… i Thoughts

Our family, Cali P, is back with a phenomenal new album, ‘i Thoughts’. Cali P first appeared in IRIE Magazine as the featured cover artist for our January 2015 World Reggae edition. And just like the prodigal son, he’s return with a thrilling new album, one that is deep-rooted, powerful and conscious throughout, truly captivating the Lyrical Faya’s profound and ever-growing talents.

Each track is immensely thought provoking and therefore undoubtedly manifesting the albums title ‘i Thoughts’ as a remarkable and true representation. The album has presented itself in the Reggae Industry at a much needed time, echoing truth, rights and justice.

Bestowing the finest quality of authentic Reggae Music with a modern touch, each track simultaneously captivates the true essence of Roots Rock Reggae. CALI P takes his audience upon a mind awaking journey, blasting through all unrighteous barriers and bringing forth affirmative and positive solutions to worldly issues. 

‘i Thoughts’ is CALI P’s 4th official project which evidently will have loyal fans remarkably astounded and will surely mesmerise new fans alike. The immense sound of each track is utterly mind blowing and lyrics truly heart-felt.

An accomplished and well travelled artist, Cali P’s worldly musical influences have emerged within this album. From the indigenous African Drum, an inspiration from his father to fascinating new Jamaican sounds from where he now resides, are entrenched within the vibrate spirit of this album.  

The artistic water painted cover of the anticipated album, was first released in May 2016, and the official release date of this charismatic 12 track album has been set for October 7, 2016.

Recorded at Equiknoxx Studio & Ghetto Lynxx Studio in Jamaica, Fans will hear exclusive unreleased tracks produced and composed by Alex Dupuis & ManuDigital (Flash Hit Records).

The Lyrical Faya conveys his immense musical world-wide connections throughout this album which is demonstrated by first-class diverse sounds and outstanding International collaborations. 

‘Dem Ago Burn Up’ featuring the King Of Fire, Capleton, is produced by UK production team Seani B (BBC 1XTRA) & Don Chandler (upon their new riddim ‘Strictly Roots’ from the title track of the Morgan Heritage’s Grammy award winning album). This Bass Skanking, Regal track with it’s Rasta Chanting Lyrics, truly cements this album as Powerful and Righteous. 

Fans are also blown away by the pre-released favourite ‘Coconut Jelly Man’ featuring the smooth Jazz Neo Reggae vocalist Shanique Marie (Produced by Equiknoxx Music).  This enhanced track provides Beautiful Scenery to the album and is a perfect vocal partnership.
Yung Jr, the greatly talented son of the legend Junior Reid also features on the album with a Conscious Vibe and Roots Rock Sound. This track, ‘Want No War’, produced by Flash Hit Records, has already been released upon Yung Jr’s spectacular album last year and is receiving immense radio airplay.

The track ‘Guiding Shield’ (produced by Teka from Rootdown Music) is currently making head ways within the International Reggae Arena. Its conveys Cali P’s true dedication to the Rastafarian Faith. With its Warrior trodding lyrical upliftment and powerful sound, the track has been complimented by its sovereign official video released in May 2016.  

With the Spiritual Lovers Rock track ‘Do You Love Me’, CALI P captivates the hearts of every female fan. Within this enchanting track, the Lyrical Faya expresses his most inner feelings upon love, a deep complex connection to a beautiful soul and the mysteries of the heart. His devotion is echoed by the elegant piano and his affection by the angelic female alluring harmonies.

This magnificent and exceptional album could not have been complete without the UK’s leading Reggae Star Randy Valentine. With the ultimate expression of lyrical and vocal talent, co written is the track ‘On My Way Home’. This song will undoubtably and unequivocal be a Reggae Anthem for many years to come. His past 3 releases ‘Like A Lion’ (2010), ‘Unstoppable’ (2011) & ‘Healing of The Nation’ (2014) all went No. 1 on the iTunes Reggae Charts in numerous territories, and this next
release is without doubt going to be another chart topper.

‘i Thoughts’ is the true essence of the preservation of Authentic Roots Reggae Music purely exemplifying the absolute meaning of Word, Power and Sound from the Heart. A true experience never before embarked upon, CALI P has successfully created a timeless classic of Reggae excellence. Each instrument sensationally infused with thrilling and exquisite lyrical content which is a majestic and exclusive journey into the mind of the one and only Lyrical Faya, Cali P…. this is ‘i Thoughts’.