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Ziggi Papers have been making filters and rolling papers for almost 25 years. And during that time, they’ve made them to suit and serve the average smoker’s needs and demands. Their top priority is using high-quality materials with a simple and effective product. Oh, and they have a thing for fresh and hype designs. What makes Ziggi Papers truly unique is that their packs, which include filters and king size papers, can be drawn up into a rolling tray which allows you to prepare the ingredients on a clean surface wherever you are.

The Ziggi™ story started in the late ‘80s, when a youngster nicknamed Ziggi started to make filter tips for himself. Soon afterwards, all of his friends wanted one and for a period of time, those filter tips were given away for free. But it was impossible to keep up with the fast growing demand and give everything away, so the idea of manufacturing and selling filter tips was born. At first they were hand made in small quantity and wrapped in a leather case with a ring for a key chain. Those were an instant hit and Ziggi™ got established as a quality brand. New ideas followed soon afterwards and at the break of the century, the first ever rolling papers with added filter tips were born. This idea was so simple yet revolutionary, it prompted overnight success for Ziggi. Ziggi took it a step further and the first double papers with tips were introduced. The casings for these papers were attractive too. One of their biggest hits was a multipack called Boys & Girls collection which combined four different designs of single papers and two different designs of double papers with tips.

Ziggi has been making custom papers from the very start of their business and it has proven to be a unique merchandise product. Their personalised papers with custom art designs can be a great eye catcher that tells a story at the same time. Ziggi is proud to support artists, festivals, events and this way give back to the community that we feel we are a part of. Ziggi custom papers are perfect as a merchandise product, giveaways or as business card for musicians, festivals, artists, sports events, concerts, promo shows, bars, shops and clubs. Ziggi papers are perfect for anything longing for a cool promotion.

Artists who we’ve worked with Ziggi include Raging Fyah, Kingston’s Dub Club, Jesse Royal, Jah 9, Cali P, Lion D, Tairo, Petfect, Dub Treatment, Inna De Yard, Overjam Festival, Gramatik, Soma, Reggae summer, Congo Natty, Uprising festival, Runing Irie, Riddim Box, Jah Army, Reggaeville, and IRIE Magazine, to name a few. IRIE caught up with its founder to reason about… Ziggi Papers!