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Salvador, Bahia – Brazil

The year was 2004 (November), when the song from an unknown band became the year’s biggest hit in Brazil. The song, ‘Me Namora’, rose to the top of Brazilian radio airplay. It also received many awards, television shows appearances and even inclusion on a soap opera soundtrack.

The band, Cativeiro, which means ‘Captivity’ in English, made their presence known in Brazil that year and put Reggae on top of the music charts.

Years have passed for Cativeiro and with it came many experiences and some changes. Cativeiro has returned in 2018 with a new album, ‘Expressão e Liberdade’ (Expression and Freedom), presenting the best of what they know how to do; create true Reggae Music.

‘Expressão e Liberdade’ expresses a strong chant for freedom in the widest sense, while discussing topics such as the Black Resistance, Love and Faith.

With musical and artistic direction from Nilson Nascimento, and the voices of Nelma Marks and Ricardo Correia, Cativeiro invites you to step into this universe which they call ‘Expressão e Liberdade’!