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Cultivated in Kingston Jamaica, it is like 5 Star’s path in music was charted for him by a higher power. Engaged in the performing arts from a tender age; 5 Star’s artistry represents an eclectic combination of sharp flows, soothing melodies and refreshingly clever, potent lyricism. His musical interest started while in high school at Campion College, where he went from deejaying covers of popular dancehall songs to writing his own material.

Heavily influenced by his experiences and observations, his music was from that time, a lyrically potent reflection of realities youths tend to face growing up in the city. 5 Star started to make musical endeavors with a few peers during his latter high school years, linking up with a group of young Hip Hop artistes who referred to themselves as the ‘Sons of Liberty’. With them, he began making his first set of studio recordings and consistent stage appearances in the process.

His consciousness started to expand with his increasing identification with the Ras Tafari faith, and as a result his music quickly started to reflect that; and as knowledge and overstanding increased, so did the potency of his songs. His association with the Jamaican music group the Sons of Liberty helped to hone 5 Star’s versatility. Through performing at local stage shows, he mastered the craft of engaging audiences with his conscious and witty lyricism. 5 Star’s lyrical creativity and rhythmic flow has elements of influence from artists like Bounty Killa, Supacat and Damian Jr. Gong Marley.

In 2015, 5 Star increased his visibility with the premiere of the video for his debut single ‘Warn Dem’. ‘Warn Dem’, produced by Giark Inad of Digital B Records, is the second release from the BlakizTan Riddim which features the likes of D’Burnz & Kabaka Pyramid, just to name a few. The single conveys real life observations and experiences of Jamaica and aims to encourage political and social awareness among the populace.

5 Star exemplifies an artist whose music has global mass appeal and seeks to inspire and enlighten those who come to know his music & It is on this foundation that he hopes to trod forward on his musical journey.