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ZOOLOOK's Dread & Alive: Nine Night

From the creative mind of award-winning mixed-media artist ZOOLOOK comes the next story arc in the supernatural horror graphic novel series, Dread & Alive.

ZOOLOOK presents Nine Night, a 12 chapter series that explores a world steeped in West African spirituality. In Nine Night, spirits exist, and they’re everywhere. They live in our world, the land of the dead, and they are feared.

Nine Night is the prequel to issue #1 of Dread & Alive (Concrete Jungle) published on February 6, 2010. In this 12-issue maxi-series, Nine Night (aka the ‘dead yard’ or ‘set up’), the funerary tradition or wake in Jamaica takes on a whole new meaning when Shadowcatcher descends upon The City, seeking divine retribution. The shapeshifting Obeahman has come to take back his amulet while seeking a bigger prize, the soul of Drew McIntosh.

“I crave horror films! In writing and developing Dread & Alive, it was essential to show how zombies are rooted in black culture. In reggae, we sing about duppies, vampires, and zombies. Popular culture has erased the African contribution to zombies. I want to give our history and beliefs the respect and credit it deserves.” — ZOOLOOK

In Dread & Alive: Nine Night, it’s War Inna Babylon as Drew McIntosh, and Shadowcatcher set to clash in an apocalyptic battle between good and evil. Drew must protect the amulet and survive Nine Night or be doomed to walk the earth as a duppy.

IRIE™ | Tony Nephtali - Chapter One

Release Date: February 17, 2021
Copyright: 2020 ZOOLOOK
Format: Graphic Novel

Writer: February 17, 2021
Penciller: Rodney Buchemi
Inker: Rodney Buchemi
Colorist: Mike Kelleher
Translation: Var Hillsman

Dread & Alive: Nine Night will publish as a maxi-series (twelve chapter issues) through ComiXstand, an imprint of ZOOLOOK. Each graphic novel will include a wrap-around cover art penciled and inked by Rodney Buchemi and colored by Michael Kelleher. The Nine Night series will also feature an exclusive reggae soundtrack with each issue, including music from ZOOLOOK.

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Dread & Alive: Nine Night, issue 1 titled Hide Your Soul, part 1, ships February 17, 2021.

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