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Samora – Bruises

Samora Bruises – A beautiful ballad with a strong message IRIE™, your Reggae Magazine for the Best in Roots Rock Reggae Music, presents Samora, and her new reggae music release, ‘Bruises’. We all go through difficult times in life sometimes. And we all have inner bruises from situations, conflicts, fights, and issues. But too often, […]

Lucid Phase - Spelunkin' | IRIE Magazine | IRIE PR
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Lucid Phase – Spelunkin’

Lucid Phase Spelunkin’ IRIE™, the Reggae Magazine for the Best in Roots Rock Reggae Music, presents Los Angeles-based band, Lucid Phase, and their new reggae music release, Spelunkin’. Inspired by metaphor art, Spelunking is defined by Oxford Languages as the exploration of caves, especially as a hobby. “The track Spelunkin’ is a metaphor of finding […]

ZOOLOOK's Dread & Alive: Nine Night
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Pre-Order ZOOLOOK’s Dread & Alive… Nine Night!

From the creative mind of award-winning mixed-media artist ZOOLOOK comes the next story arc in the supernatural horror graphic novel series, Dread & Alive. ZOOLOOK presents Nine Night, a 12 chapter series that explores a world steeped in West African spirituality. In Nine Night, spirits exist, and they’re everywhere. They live in our world, the […]