Tuff Like Iron releases Digital Dread NFT Ep

Tuff Like Iron - Digital Dread NFT EP

Tuff Like Iron

Digital Dread NFT Ep

Photography by: Dank Street Media

Tuff Like Iron is a reggae fusion artist born in NYC who creates potent lyrics of positivity and upliftment. Inspired by Rastafari and love for the community, Tuff created the Digital Dread EP to merge her longtime obsession with music and her newfound passion for wealth building.

The Digital Dread NFT Ep is an innovative music and art project conceptualized by Tuff that aims to entertain and educate the community about CryptoCurrency through reggae, hip-hop, and world music. Created with Rastafari at the core, the Digital Dread project will be spreading the love by donating 10% of the proceeds from the project to help families in Jamaica with food and essentials through dancehall producer Not Nice’s non-profit organization “Yaad N Abroad.”

Musically, the DD ep is a magic carpet ride exploring concepts of digital finance to a tropical beat. You are guaranteed to rock and swing and hopefully learn something! These are some of the first Reggae/Dancehall-based songs about digital finance, infused with topics about the metaverse, trading, blockchain tech, etc.; these are some of the first Reggae/Dancehall-based songs about digital finance. We hope listening to the EP leaves you on an All-Time High!

DD boasts musical features from the Coin God Knxtti, hip-hop shaman Illuminati Congo, and Jamaican singer/actor Evie Pukupoo and artwork from 6 different international visual artists.

DD NFT collectors will have access to Q&A sessions with project creators, giveaways, merchandise, free NFT airdrops, and more!

The DD EP is currently available as six individual Audio NFTs, which can be purchased on Opensea. Collecting more or all NFTs from the EP unlocks more Dreadsclusive perks. The tracks can be streamed on decentralized music platform Audius and on Itunes, Spotify, etc. by Spring 2022.