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Photography by: Rodrigo Maia

Meet Sensimilla Dub, the most original and ‘heaviest’ Reggae band from all over the world. The São Paulo (Brazil) based Reggae band is preparing to celebrate their 20th anniversary next year with a new full-length album full of new tracks. The album is currently in pre-production at the Da Tribo Studios located in São Paulo, Brazil.

Da Tribo Studios is recognized as the premiere Metal band albums production house for some of Brazil’s Metal bands that are considered the most important in the METAL scene worldwide. The bands include Krisium, RxDxPx (Ratos Dd Porão), Claustrofobia, Dorsal Atlântica & others.

The new album will be recorded on the STUDER A80 24 track (analogue) machine at Ciero’s Da Tribo Studios in São Paulo, Brazil, the same machine which is also used at the famous Lion and Fox Recording Studio in Washington DC by legendary reggae producer and great friend, Mr. Jim Fox. Jim Fox has produced, recorded, mixed and/or master some of the most important reggae albums by reggae bands including GROUNDATION, ISRAEL VIBRATION & others.

The upcoming studio album is entitled ‘A NEW ERA…’ which translates to one new and important chapter in the band’s history. It means one real and true ‘New Era’ for this Brazilian reggae band. This new concept for the band which has been planned for sometime for the new songs includes a new tour featuring live concerts with a twist. Sensimilla Dub plans to display a never before seen presentation of live reggae music using scenarios and live pyros efx live on stage similar to Metal/Rock and Roll band performances. This includes videos footage interacting accordingly to the song being performed.

The new album will also mark Sensimilla Dub’s return to the most important Reggae-oriented entertainment group here in Brazil called ‘Circuito Reggae’. Circuito Reggae is back in full force with:

  • A radio show broadcast via a large open FM radio station that covers the entire state of São Paulo and other states in northeastern and southern Brazil;
  • A CD compilation featuring songs from new and exponent Reggae bands from Brazil that will be released every 3 months along with a magazine with the history of each of the artists featured on the CD. It will be distributed at newspapers stands all over Brazil with a minimum distribution print run of 35,000 copies.
  • A Circuito Reggae event will also be produced for each compilation released featuring shows of the
    featured bands on each edition released in venues ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 people as audience
    in each event.

The first single from the new album will be released the week before November 9th, 2019 featuring the song, ‘Onde Fica O Mar?’ (in English ‘Where is the Sea Stand?’). The song is written/arranged  by lead singer / band founder Neskau Magnarello. The track features the support of lead singer, Mr. Alexandre Carlo, of the Brazilian Reggae band NATIRUTS (the most popular and reggae band in Brazil).

The song will be released exclusively and first time for the whole  Brazil at the Circuito Reggae show broadcasted in Brazil at the NOVA BRASIL ATUAL FM.

The new tour, ‘Sensimilla Dub – A NEW ERA… Is On The Rise World Tour’, has its first date on November 9, 2019, at the international Reggae festival, ‘Kaya Reggae Festival’, at Canindé Stadium located in São Paulo Brazil. Sensimilla Dub will perform along with others artists scheduled including Groundation, Protoje
(1st time in Brazil) / Dezarie & Anthony B(1st time in Brazil also) and other big names in the Brazilian
Reggae scene.

The new SENSIMILLA DUB’s line up include Neskau Magnarello – lead singer; Ademir ‘Dema’ – Keys & DUB efx; Fernando ‘Seco’ Mitter – R.Guitars/B.Vocals; Diogo – Lead guitars; Henrique ‘Little Rasta’ – Bass; Iggor – Trumpet & horns; & ‘Professor’ Herman – Drums & Backing vocals.