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Soulful Reggae artiste Etana is getting ready to drop her brand new EP titled ‘Dimensions’. Within the 7 main tracks – plus a bonus track – she has managed to pack a punch with a unique body of work unlike anything she has released before. “The EP has love songs, message songs and touches a little bit on marijuana,” she explained. Speaking to the title of the EP, it perfectly encapsulates the goal of showing bits of herself from different perspectives. She added, “It’s called dimensions for a reason – it’s a collection of moods. There are so many sides to me musically and I wanted to share some more.”

While keeping Reggae at the root of the tracks, Etana, dubbed ‘The Strong One’, brings a blend of genres and sounds, aided by powerful live instruments. From the one drop-esque ‘Long Draw’ to the soulful ‘Rock My Body’, as well as ‘Love Is Us’ which touches on a 90s R&B vibe, the EP surely showcases the quality and high standard of music that Etana has been known for over the course of her career. Two versions of the track ‘One More Time’ are featured, with Jamaican artistes Beenie Man and Pressure Buss Pipe lending their voices to one version each. Other titles include ‘Mended Love’, ‘The One’ and ‘Stop It’.

With an extensive and talented team behind this EP, Etana is positive about this project and is hoping to transmit positive vibrations to her fans as well. “I want to thank Clive Hunt, Patrice Bart-Williams, Dean Pond, Carl James, Jerome Campbell, David Sprecher, Andre Morris, Khambrel McPherson, Dean Fraser, Adrian Minott, Zoe Espitia, Aaron Mahlfeldt and all the musicians, engineers and graphic artistes who assisted in putting this EP together,” she said. Released on the Freemind Music/Zojak World Wide imprint, the ‘Dimensions’ EP will be officially released on November 8, 2019.

Fans can expect a special treat once they make use of the pre-order, which begins on October 4 on all streaming platforms. With each pre-order comes an instant gratification and the ‘Rock My Body’ single.

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