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ZOOLOOK’s Cryptocurrency

It’s ‘I’fficial! IRIE is the cryptocurrency, $IRIE! As the founder of IRIE and Stonefrenge, multi-artist ZOOLOOK has entered the crypto world to offer my fans exclusive benefits and rewards for being a part of the Stonefrenge and IRIE reggae community.

Token Talkers sit down with ZOOLOOK for a Rally Token Interview.

$IRIE is a cryptocurrency that we created and can be used to unlock exclusive benefits and access anywhere on the web, and even IRL. With $IRIE, we have created our own, independent micro-economy.

$IRIE is a little different from cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin because it is minted and traded by a company called Rally on their “sidechain”. This is great news for us because sidechain cryptocurrencies use a lot less processing power, which means that there are no fees and no excessive environmental impact to worry about.

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