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IRIE 100

December 2021

We come to the end of another year of IRIE. Because of Covid, we suffered another challenging year for our reggae community. We lost some extraordinary people to COVID. We will remember them in our loving memory. Rest in power, Idren. Your spirits live on!

Our December 2021 edition of RELEASES is here, featuring the IRIE 100! This special year-end edition gives thanks to the reggae artists who joined the IRIE family to promote their reggae music that inspired us through another challenging year!

IRIE wants to give thanks to these reggae artists who continued to find ways to make the best of these serious times to be creative and produce reggae music. Your music gave us hope and helped support those in need; your reggae music is the nation’s healing.

IRIE would also like to give a BIG UP to the artists who graced our monthly covers this year, including Ras Attitude, ZOOLOOK, J.Q., Silent Nancy, UB40, Xana Romeo, Jah Gumby, Jay Thomas, and Zoe Mazah!

IRIE™ | IRIE 100 for 2021

We will return on January 20, 2022, to begin our 9th year of IRIE. Look for a new schedule release of IRIE on the first Thursdays of each month starting February 3, 2022. We will also be offering an artist membership plan for the reggae musicians looking to promote and share their music through IRIE.

For 2022, let’s rethink the reggae community. Let’s create a culture that focuses on collaboration instead of competition. Why? There is more strength in collaboration than in competition. When we collaborate, we support and encourage each other. We become selfish, driven, and too focused to win when we compete. So let’s choose to co-exist by collaborating and supporting each other.

As always, we thank you for supporting Reggae music!

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