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The Jamaican-born, UK-based recording artiste Mr. Diamond, whose real name is Patrick Christopher Taylor, has once again demonstrated how much this music fraternity needed his contribution when he decided to form his own label Vybz Boxx Entertainment.

Three years ago, Mr. Diamond set out to start his label to produce and release his own music. After his first single was released on the label, fellow musicians strongly encouraged that it was a great move as his first release was well received. After going through a catalog of unreleased tracks done for other producers, Mr. Diamond made a selection of a few tracks such as (Crazy, Turn Me On, and I’m Coming) and went ahead and released these works on his label Vybz Boxx Entertainment.

In 2021, he further produced a compilation album collaborating with Artists like Qraig (Voicemail), Baby Boom, Denham Smith, Jah Device, Promise No Promises, Santana, 1MrSmooth, Kaibanon, and Jakhal Beeley on the well-loved Midday Riddim. An album most people would agree on saying was one of the best reggae one-drop riddims that were released in 2021 and one that you will never grow old of.

To start the New Year 2022, Vybz box Entertainment released a new compilation EP titled ‘Live and Love Riddim’ on the 28th of January. The EP featured the likes of Mr. Diamond himself, Santana, Promise No Promises, Jo Elle, Pupa Tee, Mexican JA, and Mento.

When asked how this collaboration came about, Mr. Diamond told us, ‘It was one of those productions I honestly thought would be good as a compilation. I had some great musicians playing on this riddim, like Brenton Messado (keys/drums), Ernie Wilks (guitar), Donald Dennis (bass), and Errol Ruddock (percussion). At first, the riddim was built for my single “Played The Fool,” but after the reception of the track, I thought it would be awesome to have some more artists on it. The likes of social media allow me to reach out to some of the artists about the riddim, and they were delighted to collaborate after hearing it. I had already worked with two of the artist on the Midday Riddim Album, so without a doubt, they knew this new project would be great to be on.’

Vybz Boxx Entertainment is the type of label that will only cater to real authentic music, which will stand the test of time. We look to establish new talent that has something to offer the music industry and not just look for things the industry offers. This includes education as well as entertainment.

We believe there are too many talented artists with educational and positive messages but too few producers/labels showing interest in these difficult times when we need it the most.

The label’s CEO Mr. Diamond, is no newcomer in creating great music with positive content, an artist who has worked and collaborated with many well-known artists and producers for other labels, including his own. Some of the previous collaborations and features with Mr. Diamond include (Lutan Fyah, Warrior King, Busy Signal, and Bay-C former member of TOK.)

“We are looking to make our mark in the music and as a household name by delivering authentic projects like the Midday Riddim and our newly released Live and Love Riddim for 2022. We guarantee our collaborations with musicians and artists will only get better by creating these types of projects. The year has started great so far with our new project, and we’re looking to continue with great work for 2022 and beyond.”


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