RESPECT | Jo Elle – Give Thanks

RESPECT | Jo Elle - Give Thanks

Jo Elle

Give Thanks

Music is Jo Elle’s home, and her heart has been beating to reggae music for years. The passionate singer and songwriter grew up in rural Münsingen near Bern (Switzerland). She started playing the piano and discovered dance as her passion at the age of six.

Her class teacher took her away from the piano and put her behind a microphone, where her musical journey started. But before Jo Elle entered the stage as a singer, she was faced with a decision: music or sports at eighteen years old. But, you see, she had another passion besides her musical talent: snowboarding.

She was brilliant as a junior world champion, went to the World Cup as a professional athlete, and was in the top 12 of the halfpipe world rankings. After her resounding success on the snowboard, Jo Elle retired from professional sport.

Jo Elle endows her songs with a zest for life, sings about different aspects of it, and nestles in your ear with her suavely smoky and soulful voice. Her second album, ‘Soul Journey,’ was released in 2019.

Jo Elle is a regular on the festival and club stages with her backing band, The Mighty Roots, star-studded with exceptional talents. Sometimes Jo Elle plays small trio shows and DJ Sound Shows.

Jo Elle’s latest release is the song, Give Thanks, which she describes as “a conversation with life and giving thanks for the eyes opening every morning and truly knowing the meaning of the good morning”.

Jo Elle wrote the vocal melody and lyrics on the riddim called “Live and Love,” which was created and produced by Christopher (Mr. Diamond) Taylor (Vybz Boxx Entertainment).

The new song is one of the seven songs released on the Live and Love Riddim EP on January 28, 2022. The EP-Album includes various artists such as Mr. Diamond with his song Played the Fool and other lovely singers like Pupa Tee, Mexican JA, Promise No Promises, Mento, and Santana.

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