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Ginal Dub featuring Collie Buddz

When Alborosie announces that he is doing it for the culture, believe him. His mission as a defender of reggae’s roots and culture has always been clearly defined and his intention to sound the system with righteousness is no secret. And, as if to prove, yet again, that this is no ‘chattingz,’ on the album “For The Culture,” the Italian‐Jamaican Rastafarian dub specialist and musical explorer immediately assumes a role that’s part historian, part preacher and total creative, as he flexes his lyrical ingenuity around the trials of our time, and the more sublime.

Alborosie’s latest album is a bold statement and an authoritative command all at once – no pussyfooting – he’s roaring out for the culture. From paying tribute to his adoptive homeland with shouts‐out to Jamaica’s Culture Minister Babsy (Olivia Grange) and Brogad (Prime Minister Andrew Holness) to collaborations with foundation artistes Wailing Souls on a revision of their 1978 hit “(Jah Give Us) Life To Live.” The entire set was engineered, produced, and mixed by Alborosie, using vintage analog gear, dub sirens, reel‐to‐reel tape, with live instrumentation by Alborosie and reggae icons, Roots Radics band, all culminating in a potent brew.

IRIE™ | Alborosie - Ginal Dub featuring Collie Buddz

Ginal Dub featuring Collie Buddz

Release Date: November 4, 2021

Throughout the 14 songs on For The Culture, Alborosie delivers upfull, hard‐hitting lyrics and distinctive roots rock reggae flavor that seamlessly segue into otherworldly sounds that harken to the original roots and dub masters. Alborosie is well-studied in his craft and throughout the listening experience, head-nodding riddims and hard‐hitting beats set the tone, with layers of instruments brilliantly conversing, evoking raw, emotional responses.

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