IRIE | Reggae Magazine | ROOTS - IRIE NFT Series - ZOOLOOK
2021, November 2021, Roots


IRIE NFT Series ZOOLOOK It’s ‘I’fficial! IRIE is selling NFTs of its magazine covers published by ZOOLOOK as collectibles. As a result, IRIE fans will get a chance to own the digital imprint of some of our most iconic magazine covers. So what exactly are NFTs? NFTs or Non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets that […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | ROCK - Chez Rhonel - Le Coton
2021, November 2021, Rock

ROCK | Chez Rhonel

Chez Rhonel Le Coton ‘Color is my passion’ is what Rhonel Roberts, aka Chez Rhonel, says about his work. “It takes an ability to know how to use it in a space, on canvas, or even to wear the right colors. Also, it takes time to learn and develop the proper use of color.” A […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | Reggae - Jay Thomas - Soul Feeling
2021, November 2021, Reggae

REGGAE | Jay Thomas

Jay Thomas Soul Feeling The year was 1993. Jay Thomas arrived in Sydney with a suitcase and a dream, leaving behind all the comforts of everything he called home in the Sunshine State of Queensland, Australia. It was an exciting time for the 17-year-old. “I had no idea what lay ahead; I just knew I […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - Collie Herb
2021, November 2021, Respect

RESPECT | Collie Herb

Collie Herb Jede Tag Collie Herb is a Reggae & Dancehall-Artist based in Switzerland. Lyrics in dialect, carried by sounds from overseas. His songs are sometimes light-footed and colorful, sometimes thoughtful and poetic. Having grown up around the sound system culture, this stage is his home, and making it burn is a duty. Collie Herb […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - Alborosie
2021, November 2021, Respect

RESPECT | Alborosie

Alborosie Ginal Dub featuring Collie Buddz When Alborosie announces that he is doing it for the culture, believe him. His mission as a defender of reggae’s roots and culture has always been clearly defined and his intention to sound the system with righteousness is no secret. And, as if to prove, yet again, that this […]

RESPECT | I-Shenko 1
2021, November 2021, Respect

RESPECT | I-Shenko

I-Shenko x Turbulence Yawdman Hot I-Shenko was born John Mckenzie In Kingston, Jamaica, and grew up in Spanish Town, Jamaica, before moving to Massachusetts, USA, where he currently resides. He started making music at a tender age while attending High School before launching a professional music career in 2004 as an artist/songwriter and an audio […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RELEASES - ZOOLOOK - Stonefrenge
2021, November 2021, Releases


ZOOLOOK Stonefrenge IRIE’s November 2021 edition of RELEASES is here featuring ZOOLOOK and his newest release, ‘Stonefrenge’ along with trax from artists Jay Thomas, Max Romeo, Collie Herb, Amanda Juline, Alborosie featuring Collie Buddz, I-Shenko + Turbulence, Ed West + Dandelion, Black Uhuru + Andrew Bees featuring Dylans Dharma and King Hopeton, Etana, Jesse Royal, […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | REWIND - The Ocean Cleanup
2021, November 2021, Rewind

REWIND | The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup System 002 Proof of Technology The Ocean Cleanup, the non-profit developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic, announces proof of technology upon returning to Victoria Harbour with trash collected from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. With this confirmation, the organization will immediately return to the infamous gyre to start […]