RESPECT | Don Hartley – The Third Day (Remix)

RESPECT | Don Hartley - The Third Day (Remix)

Don Hartley

The Third Day (Remix)

Manchester, UK artist Don Hartley was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, where he began as an artist in 1990 with his first release, a lovers rock tune called, That Lady, on his own Rising Son label. However, it was a decade later when he became known for his prolific brand of roots reggae due to his work with Manchester’s Nucleus Roots between 2001 and 2016 with tunes like Run Come Quick, Deep Roots (2001), Irie Meditation, Step it Up Rasta (2007) and State of Mind (2016). The artist has gone on since that time to do collabs with the likes of Faya Dub and Roll & Record (2005 & 2018), both from Paris as well as UK dubbists Lewis Bennett (2018) and Messenjah Music Record label and Sound system (2021-22).


About Don Hartley

A true born Jamaican veteran artist with three decades of experience sharing his deeply spiritual journey through traditional roots reggae.

He has been well known on the UK Dub scene since 2001, having made an impact initially via his association with Manchester, UK’s Nucleus Roots with songs like Run Come Quick, Deep Roots and Irie Meditation.

He has since then gone on to work with many notable producers such as Faya Dub (Theirry Negro), Lewis Bennett, Roll & Record, Fat Bird Recordings and Rod Chaplin of MessenJah Music for whom he has done a couple of recent favourites like “Power and Glory” and “Envy Not”; all the time holding the order of Orthodox Christian spirituality..

Hartley’s Christian roots which reflects in his music is from childhood in Jamaica where he later adopted the Rastafarian spiritual tradition for many years a member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel Organization both in Jamaica as well as in Manchester, England. In 2006 He became a member of the Orthodox Christian Church where he now functions as a Catechist, helping to instruct newcomers to the faith, as well as regularly chanting the Saturday evening services.

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