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R.O.A.R. – Rise Of A Renaissance

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Evaflow is a recording artist and music producer from the bustling town of Santa Cruz, Jamaica. As Jamaican music continues to evolve, Evaflow plays an instrumental role in pushing the boundaries of what’s traditionally expected from the island’s music industry. He refers to his eclectic fusion of Reggae, Hip-Hop, and Dancehall music as Dub-Hop and has been hailed by Reggae superstar Protoje as “one of the illest lyricists I ever hear in my life”.

Evaflow’s latest project is the innovative 3-track project, R.O.A.R. – Rise Of A Renaissance – Sky Tape (Vol. 1).

Released on his independent label SkyStarter Creative, R.O.A.R. introduces Evaflow’s talents as a producer, specifically on the Afrohall anthem Goodaz (co-produced by Paris La Mont) and the psychedelically funky Gorilla Glue.


IRIE™ | Evaflow - R.O.A.R. - Rise Of A Renaissance

Release Date: December 11, 2020
Copyright: 2020 SkyStarter Creative LLC
Total Length: 07:50
Total Tracks: 3
Format: EP
Genre: Reggae

RESPECT | Evaflow 1
RESPECT | Evaflow 1

Goodaz became a fan favorite before its release after multiple previews and performances of the track Live on Instagram, which received rave reviews and a constant request for its release.

In addition to Gorilla Glue and Goodaz is Wake Up, an introspective lofi chill-hop jam, produced by J.U.N.O. award-winning producer Jay Hodgson (part of the Dazed Beathead Collective), which reveals the project’s most sentimental moments.

“I am really excited about sharing this project. I feel like it shows three different sides to me and can give the audience a great idea about where I’m coming from, what I’ve been through, and where I’m going. Because of the heaviness and vulnerability in Gorilla Glue and Wake Up, I wanted to balance that energy out with something people can dance to and just fulljoy themselves, hence, Good. Rise Of A Renaissance is the rise of the full manifestation of my creative legacy. It’s definitely, to be continued.”

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