Irie Magazine | Roots | Reggae Month - Celebrating Reggae's Legacy
Roots, 2019, February 2019

Roots | Reggae Month – Celebrating Reggae’s Legacy

Reggae Month Celebrating Reggae’s Legacy Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding made February 2008 the first annual Reggae Month in Jamaica. To celebrate, the Recording Industry Association of Jamaica (RIAJam) held its first Reggae Academy Awards on February 24, 2008. In addition, Reggae Month included a six-day Global Reggae conference, a reggae film festival, two radio […]

Irie Magazine | Rock | ZOOLOOK - Dread & Alive: Nine Night Soundtrack
Rock, 2019, February 2019

Rock | ZOOLOOK – Dread & Alive: Nine Night Soundtrack

ZOOLOOK Dread & Alive: Nine Night Soundtrack Meet Nicholas Da Silva… the founder and creative director, producer and publisher of ZOOLOOK, an independent mixed-media agency based in San Francisco, CA. Through ZOOLOOK, Nicholas develops intellectual properties that promote a multicultural experience including IRIE Magazine! As an avid reader of fiction novels, comic books, and graphic […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | Khxos
2019, February 2019, Respect

Respect | Khxos

Khxos Jungle featuring Royal Blu Artist Khxos is one of the new era crossover artists from Jamaica to surface onto the scene. A songwriter who fuses Dancehall with a hint of R&B, pop and sometimes reggae, mixed with a unique voice, Khxos’s vocals alternate between rugged boasts and smooth tones with such lyrical and melodious […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | Steffani Seven
2019, February 2019, Respect

Respect | Steffani Seven

Steffani Seven Jah Jah Knows Steffani Seven is a powerful Jamaican singer and performer who is among a new generation of female artists that have embarked on the Jamaican music scene in recent years. Coming from a church background she developed her voice through gospel music. With her group as well as a soloist she […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | Kosmo Sound
2019, February 2019, Respect

Respect | Kosmo Sound

Kosmo Sound Ilam Formed in Ghent, Belgium, in 2016, Kosmo Sound mixes tight dub grooves with jazzy guitar and storytelling saxophone melodies, yielding an organic dance-oriented dub experience. Members have been active in Belgian avant-garde acts such as Madame Blavatsky, Nordmann, Midnight Blue and the RVB Quartet, among many others; their self-titled debut EP was […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | The San Antones
2019, February 2019, Respect

Respect | The San Antones

The San Antones Love the Way The San Antones come to you live and direct from their beloved, big state of Texas. Generating a modern, yet classic sound, the band derives its roots from their love, admiration and respect for the Reggae music genre. Longtime friends, Kevin Groeneveld (strings) and Geo Ramos (drums) came up […]

Reggae Artists - Dada I
2019, February 2019, Respect

Respect | Dada I

Dada I Keep on Moving Dada I, whose real name is Herman Konstantinov, is a Reggae/Hip-Hop singer from the island of Sakhalin in Russia. Dada I currently lives and works in Russia and Spain. He has two solo albums under his belt: ‘Trikato’ (the year of release – 2015) and reggae album ‘That Place’ (2016). […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | Mc Norman
2019, February 2019, Respect

Respect | Mc Norman

Mc Norman Bam Bam Mc Norman, born Ronald Mutebi on November 6, 1978, in Uganda, is a Reggae and Dancehall musician from Uganda, East Africa. Mc Norman started his music career at the age of 12 performing in the band, Afrigo, where he worked with Joanita Kawalya and Peterson Mutebi way back in 1987. He […]

Irie Magazine | Releases | Khxos - Jungle featuring Royal Blu
Releases, 2019, February 2019

Releases | Khxos

Releases | February 2019 Khxos – Jungle featuring Royal Blu Welcome to our February 2019 edition of IRIE Releases. We celebrate Reggae month and Black history month with a new single release from Khxos featuring Royal Blu entitled ‘Jungle’, which is featured on the cover. Artist also featured this month include DADA I, Samora, Kingly […]

Irie Magazine | Rewind | Reggae Sun Ska 2019
Rewind, 2019, February 2019

Rewind | Reggae Sun Ska 2019

Reggae Sun Ska 2019 Eco Sun Ska Held each summer in France’s southwest, Reggae Sun Ska is one of the finest festivals of its kind this side of the Caribbean. Over the course of 3 days, the festival welcomes a lineup overflowing with talent from across the scene’s diverse landscape and rich history. That means […]