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Keep on Moving

Dada I, whose real name is Herman Konstantinov, is a Reggae/Hip-Hop singer from the island of Sakhalin in Russia. Dada I currently lives and works in Russia and Spain. He has two solo albums under his belt: ‘Trikato’ (the year of release – 2015) and reggae album ‘That Place’ (2016). At the moment, Dada I is preparing to release his third solo album ‘Days of Solar’, which combines a different sound. In addition to his large-scale projects, Dada I released a series of singles and collaborative works with performers and groups from different parts of Russia. Not being afraid to experiment with genres, Dada I always leaves the same unchanged – a powerful message through deep in meaning texts and mindfulness of thought.

Dada I discovered his interest in reggae music while attending school, listening to the band Black Uhuru, which inspired him on his long journey to study the reggae culture, which continues to this day. Dada I’s creativity is rapidly gaining momentum in Russia and beyond. Since 2015, 14 official video clips have been filmed.

Video production on the song ‘Keep on Moving’, by Dada I & Rebelsteppa was performed by ARYATIKOV FILMS. The video was filmed in early August 2018 in Peterhof. Life is a movement, so you need to continue your movement in spite of life’s circumstances and obstacles. Music is a mission.

With great pleasure, Dada I is pleased to present a joint project with outstanding reggae producer – Rebelsteppa / Bushtown Records, which includes a Roots Reggae song and a Dub version of the song.

Dada I expresses sincere gratitude to everyone who is ready to listen, in whatever language they speak, because a musical message is a way that allows you to find a way to each person. And it does not matter where that person comes from.