RESPECT | Turbulence – Made Me Cry

IRIE | RESPECT - Turbulence - Made Me Cry


Made Me Cry

Jamaican artist Turbulence is known for his amazing abilities and exceptional versatility when it comes to vocal expression. This new release is a brilliant example of that: In “Made Me Cry,” Turbulence sings, shouts, whispers, and wails in so many ways – it’s unique. “Made Me Cry” was composed and co-produced by Res Staudenmann and Kiro MusicMaker, known for their productions for Switzerland-based artiste Samora. After the beautiful Reggae collaboration “Please Be Mine,” featuring Turbulence and Samora, this is their second production for the Jamaican artist.

Heartbroken after being left by the woman of his life, Turbulence sings his new song, “Made Me Cry,” with great emotion. His voice yearns as he tells her how he didn’t want this to happen, and he wishes they could have worked things out. His disappointment when she packs her bags and leaves, as well as his anger at her selfishness can be heard loud and clear in the verses and bridge.