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Ras Midas

Trouble Town

Ras Midas, long recognized as a well-respected singer/songwriter, hails from Clarendon, JA. He began his recording career at Harry J’s Recording Studio (Kingston, JA) in 1974 when he was 16. All these decades later, Ras Midas is still recording new material (Summer 2020 releases) and, for the first time, he is releasing a series of ‘Live In Concert’ singles.

‘NO BREAD’ was released on January 15, 2020 and will be followed by ‘TROUBLE TOWN’ on June 30, 2020; both songs were recorded at Reggae Central Reggae Festival in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, in 2014. Backed by Asham Band from Belgium, the songs were remixed and remastered by Mabruku in Rotterdam, and are available from all online music stores.

“My music is livicated to my brothers and sisters around the world who are struggling for equal rights and justice, self-reliance, and independence. Please join with me in the One Love Revolution™…”


With over 40 years in the recording studio and on the stage, and with countless singles and 11 albums to his credit, roots rock Reggae foundation artist Ras Midas has been featured on several compilations including Reggay Roots (‘Trouble Town’, 1977 Harry J Records, Jamaica) and Reggae Party From Jamaica (‘Rastaman In Exile’, 1983 Disc AZ International, France). Ras Midas’s first international hit, ‘Kude-A-Bamba’, was recorded in 1974 in English and – at Island Records’ Chris Blackwell’s suggestion – in Swahili (Island Records 1976); the single quickly sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide. Albums Kude-A-Bamba (1978) and Rain And Fire (1978) were released on Harry J Records and Island Records.

A Rastaman with a distinctive style and a silky smooth voice, RasMidas sings with the mission of a musical revolutionary. Dubbed ‘The Musical Prophet’ early in his career, Ras Midas’s powerful messages of social justice, love, unity, and spiritual consciousness have remained unchanged over four decades. Consistently presenting electrifying performances which showcase positive lyrics sung over solid, original, and authentic roots rock Reggae rhythms, Ras Midas continues to push traditional Reggae music into a new and contemporary dimension while still retaining its roots.

A Message from Ras Midas

“Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

Any decent human being with a conscience can acknowledge that systematic racism, police brutality, and racial profiling anywhere in the world must be charged as a crime against humanity.

Over the last few weeks, I have seen people from all nationalities around the world, waking up to reality; it was truly a wonderful vision to see brothers and sisters stand up and protest Babylon brutal system of injustice. What a great joy to behold so many people around the globe protesting together in love and unity for criminal justice reform, human rights and, equality.

For the past hundred years the voice of the Honorable Marcus Garvey and the Rastafari elders were the lone voices coming out of Jamaica, educating the world about the problems they were experiencing. The roots foundation Reggae artists and musicians in Jamaica adopted this ideology and philosophy and mixed the message into the music. Reggae music has become the voice for struggling people around the world, fighting to free themselves from 401 years in the valley of Babylon captivity.

But still, in 2020, downpressor knees are still choking us, physically and mentally, to death. It is time for Jah Jah’s children to arise and escape from the system mental slavery.

One Blessed Love.”

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