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By Any Shmeeans | Cannabis as Medicine

As Told To: B. Getz; Photography by: Jay Sansone

Adam ‘Shmeeans’ Smirnoff is the guitarist/co-founder of Grammy-nominated future-funk cosmonauts Lettuce, and also a longtime proponent of cannabis as medicine, dating back to well before the legal-weed era. He’s the host of the online talk show ‘Dabs with Shmeeans’, lives in ganja metropolis Denver, CO, and has been a vocal advocate for the responsible, medicinal use of cannabis flower and concentrate. Shmeeans has toured the world with Lettuce, as well as Lady Gaga, and Robert Randolph & the Family Band. The guitarist has shared the stage with Bob Weir, Chaka Khan, John Scofield, Maceo Parker, members of Wu-Tang Clan, the Clark Sisters, Redman, plus dozens more musical masters and cultural icons. Doting parent to a beautiful toddler, Shmeeans was kind enough to take a few moments from daddy daycare to make time for a conversation with Herb An’ Music!


Cannabis & Music | Cosmically Intertwined Pt. 2

Words by: B. Getz

Reggae is a spiritual music and culture that first manifested in Jamaica, beginning in the mid 1960s with ska, and later evolving to a number of styles and subgenres. Long associated with the ganja plant, reggae is sonically characterized by deep, throbbing lead bass lines, complex percussion riddims, skanking guitars, and drums on the down-beat. The connection between reggae and ganja is found embedded within Rastafari, a cultural movement born in Jamaica thirty years before reggae came to life. Rastafari promotes a natural – or ital – lifestyle, with ceremonial rituals of cannabis smoking intended to develop a more profound relationship with ‘Jah’ (God.) Many of reggae’s most celebrated early artists were committed Rastafari, including icons like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Burning Spear, among others in their respective bands, studios, and Kingston yards. As such, reggae music and cannabis have been intrinsically-linked since the dawn of the one-drop.

A musical art form, culture and movement born out of reggae’s soundclash tradition, hip-hop emerged from the Bronx, New York City in the late-1970s. As a result of the socio-cultural environment, and a multi-generational connection to Black musicians, cannabis has been forever ingrained in hip-hop culture since its inception. Los Angeles’s funky bi-lingual trio Cypress Hill first laid the foundation in 1991, with their seminal self-titled debut LP and it’s unabashed, passionate embrace of smoking weed.


We Are All Connect | Supply Chain, Choice & Change

By: Jill TrAshley – The NOHM Co., Sarah Wu – Village Witches

As we approach the Autumnal Equinox, we have the opportunity to celebrate the change of seasons, as well as the conscious and subconscious changes within. This solar position energetically influences and brings to light the theme of equality.  Equality, in its essence, suggests fairness, justice and doing “what is right.” While the meaning may differ – depending on cultural systems of food, media, politics, social norms, religion and philosophy – what is right boils down to a collective response, informed by the choices we make every day, both voluntarily and involuntarily.

This world is completely interconnected, the air you breathe and the water you drink is influenced by the conditions of the soil beneath your feet, impacting the food you eat, and the methods of transportation that get it from the field or garden to your plate. We refer to this journey as the Supply Chain,  The question posed: how can we make conscious choices that positively affect another life, reducing negative impact on people and planet? Let’s talk solutions to find ways we can lighten the load, not only for our mother earth but also her inhabitants.


About Herb an’ Music

Michael Allegretto: An entrepreneurial spirit and live event producer, with a career spanning four decades. Involved in cannabis culture since the mid 70’s. Expansive background in music festivals, live entertainment and the arts. Production management with high profile events including Summer Olympic Games, feature films Good Will Hunting, The Crucible, and Amistad. As an inspiration, launched the Herb an’ Music project.

B. Getz: Music journalist/culture reporter for over 20 years. Host of The Upful LIFE Podcast. Published extensively on Live for Live Music, JamBase, Everfest, Fest300, and more. Created and operates Upful LIFE, an online music-culture archive of feature articles, artist/festival/label PR, and live music media. Groundbreaking coverage at festivals including Bear Creek, Symbiosis, Suwannee Hulaween, Envision Festival (Costa Rica), Lightning in a Bottle, Global Eclipse Gathering, among others. Based in the Bay Area.

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