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Chief Strong-Wind

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By Nicholas Da Silva aka ZOOLOOK

Meet Chief Brian Strong-Wind. He is an actual Chief of Indigenous (Blackfoot/Cherokee) and West African (Ga-Adangbe) ancestry. He has been a New York State Private Investigator and Executive Protection Specialist (Bodyguard) for almost 40 years. In addition, his father was an enforcer (Assassin) for one of the largest drug dealers in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York during the ’60s and ’70s. We mention these facts about his life because they are both the inspiration and credentials he possesses to write his latest stories, The Chameleon Project and Bears’ Lives Matter.

Chief Strong-wind currently resides with his family in Brooklyn, New York, where his hobbies include chess, reading, and martial arts.

“I believe we all are healers. My healing mediums include photography, jewelry making, and of course, story-telling. A Chief’s responsibility is measured by his commitment to serving “the people,” not the other way around.”

Chief Strong-wind’s writing is an extension of his chosen profession. He writes about killers and saviors, about hunters and those protecting the hunted. His obsession with saving lives required the studying of high-profile assassinations over the last 120 years. What he discovered was very, very interesting.

A high-profile assassination usually takes place every 30 to 40 years; however, between 1960 and 1970 (a ten-year period), there were five very high-profile assassinations, including but not limited to Medgar Evers, J.F.K., Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and R.F.K. Essentially, these seemingly random killings represent a mathematical impossibility.

This revelation is what inspired his story, The Chameleon Project. Set in post-war Germany, a Nazi scientist synthesizes a formula that can alter the human genome—a discovery that is high-jacked by a racist inner circle within the American government under “Operation Paperclip” and used to create the world’s single greatest assassin, whose mission it is to kill African-American leaders and their perceived sympathizers down throughout history (Medgar Evers, J.F.K, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and R.F.K.). Thus, the illegal clandestine program was designated: Chameleon.

His newest story, Bears’ Lives Matter, is my attempt to discuss the inevitable results of unchecked violence and marginalization of various members of our society. However, this narrative is totally dramatized in the animal kingdom. “The hunters and their guns have arrived at the beautiful forest, but only the bears are being killed”. See what happens to the desperate bears and, even more surprisingly, what happens, to the vain, arrogant, and interfering peacocks.