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Away to Africa + Jah9

A ‘Feel Trip’ to Kenya

Away to Africa — a destination management company dedicated to providing guided, cultural travel experiences throughout select countries in Africa—was founded by Tiffanie Anderson. Fearlessly committed to push Africa forward as a leading travel destination, Tiffanie created 18+ unique annual itineraries throughout the continent that invests back into the communities clients visit.

Tiffanie recalls her first time in Mama Africa…. nostalgically asking if I’ve ever felt “Love at First Sight?” Her first trip to Africa was exactly that…. Her love for Mama Africa grew into a fervent passion – one that she felt so compelled to tell everyone about. Through Away to Africa’s platform, Tiffanie introduced a brand slogan galvanizing travelers from the diaspora reminding ones to travel home to Mama Africa by 2020. ‘You Should Be Home by 2020’ is a call to action to visit Africa, return home, and get reacquainted with your roots & heritage. ‘You Should Be Home By 2020’ is a continuation of the original message that she was inspired to spread. As the founder of Away to Africa, she not only encourages her brothers & sisters in the diaspora to visit Africa; she also makes it easier to actually do.

As the only Black-owned destination management company offering tours to solely Africa countries Away to Africa is making waves and understands exactly what travelers are looking for when .planning a trip to any country in Africa. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and be unsure of where to start, so that’s where Away to Africa comes in…

Tiffanie personally traveled to 14 African countries and curated the most authentic tours possible on the ground in countries like Ghana, South Africa, Morocco, Namibia, Ethiopia, Benin, Togo, Zimbabwe, Tanzania & more. Her itineraries are perfectly constructed to balance having the vacation of a lifetime, peppered with cultural immersions you’d find impossible to engineer yourself. From meeting various traditional tribes, boat tours through the small island to cooking and sharing meals in the homes of her Away to Africa hosts—you’ll find the tours are more like family reunions with the African family you never knew you had… Away to Africa also incorporates a community outreach engagement with each trip ensuring travelers give back too, as these experiences wouldn’t possible without the host communities.

Currently, if you visit the website, you can see the homepage boasts 18 different itineraries throughout Mama Africa. For the rest of the 2019 season Away to Africa is currently touring Benin & Togo. During the December holiday season, Away to Africa is celebrating by offering three travel options including Senegal, Zanzibar and South Africa for the Afropunk festival and lastly in anticipation for the ‘Year of Return’ festivities, a tour throughout the gold coast of Ghana for Afrochella Festival. Starting off the new decade of 2020, Away to Africa has an incredible season of tours lined up kicking off “You Should Be Home By 2020” with a bang!

We sat down with Tiffanie to talk about the upcoming collaboration with Jah9. Away to Africa presents ‘KENYA – A Feel Trip’ which offers three packages throughout the 13-day itinerary in Kenya culminating on the little island of Lamu for the annual Lamu Yoga Festival. Jah9, a certified yoga instructor trained in Kemetic, Ashtanga and Iyengar methods, is known to compel her audiences during her live set to pause, breathe deeply and feel empowered. She opens minds and soaks them in knowledge and positivity. Jah9 is rooted in her African heritage and driven to serve.

Scrolling through the detailed 13-day itinerary on the Away to Africa site is more than convincing, it’s almost mesmerizing. All thirteen days of the Kenyan tour immerse you into the veins of the country – so you can truly feel the nation’s heartbeat. Here’s a quick preview of the full itinerary that you can find online!!

Heaven (Ready Fi Di Feeling)

IRIE™ | Jah9 - Heaven

Release Date: November 30, 2018
Label: VP Records
Copyright: 2018 VP Music Group Inc
Total Length: 3:40
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Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

A ‘Feel Trip’ With Jah9 Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrive in Kenya, Meet the Away to Africa Family & Jah9. Unwind in Nairobi.

Day 2 – Yoga, Journalizing Visions & Biking in Karura Forest

Day 3 – Giraffe Center & Elephant Sanctuary

Day 4 – Explore Mombassa & Evening Restorative Yoga

Day 5 – Relax on Diani Beach & Optional 2 Hour Yoga Clinic with Jah9

Day 6 – Shimoni Village and Slave Caves Beach

Day 7 – Welcome to Lamu – Visions Check In

Day 8 – First Day Lamu Yoga Festival

Day 9 – Community Outreach – Yoga Festival 2

Day 10 – Set Sail Around Lamu – Yoga Festival 3

Day 11 – Masaai Market Visit – Yoga Festival 4

Day 12 – Yoga & Affirmations with Jah9 – Yoga Festival 5

Day 13 – Reflections & Depart Mama Africa

This is the first of amazing partnerships to come from Away to Africa—Jah9 is looking forward to the experience as she will lead travelers on an intimate ‘feel trip’ including yoga sessions, journaling visions & breathing exercises. She’s invited her listeners, yogi’s & reggae fans worldwide to join Away to Africa on an opportunity to travel inward, while exploring the Kenyan landscape, visiting places like Mombasa, Nairobi, Lamu, and Diani Beach.

Jah9 encourages us to remember….. “As Marcus Garvey reminds us, ‘Africa awaits its creators.’ Thus the return is imminent, so what better place than Kenya and what better time than now?’

We highly encourage any interested travelers to send in your RSVP’s early as this is a limited seating tour and getting an amazing response already after only being announced for one week!

Be sure to follow along via Away to Africa’s instagram page for more information and to follow along as they are consistent with spreading an informative message dedicated to highlighting the real Africa. These daily facts all contribute to Away to Africa’s greatest goal of helping to redefine the public’s perception of traveling to the 55 diverse nations that make up the beautiful continent of Africa.


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