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Ethereal Queen

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She’s baaaaaaack! Gladys Smith aka Sunflower Sessions Photography returns for a new edition of REWIND™ from IRIE featuring Tanerélle.

Gladys writes, “Tanerélle is the Ethereal Queen. She is empowered, unstoppable & free. Tanerélle’s presence is transcendental, and her art, mystical. Tanerélle’s flow was absolutely beautiful!”


Tanerélle is a space-age songstress from Atlanta, Georgia. After moving to Los Angeles and acquiring her BFA in acting she released her first single Siren which was followed by her 2017 release 11:11. She has continued to release music while accruing almost 7.7 million listens and counting on Spotify and can be heard on Spike Lee’s ‘She’s Gotta Have it’, Netflix’s ‘Raising Dion’ and more. Her music blends genres, speaks volumes and includes elements of space that create a one of a kind sound. You can follow her on Instagram @tanerelle to stay updated on her latest moves.

Sunflower Sessions Photography

Gladys Smith aka Sunflower Sessions Photography is the newest member of IRIE. Representing the NSW Central Coast Australia, Gladys is a passionate music photographer who has the special gift of capturing the soul of the artist through her lens.


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