Respect | Ziggi Man

Respect | Ziggi Man 1

Respect | Ziggi Man


Photography By: Piksi Work

Ziggi Man is a Slovenian-born reggae selector and entrepreneur, widely known not only for his always Irie reggae selections and positive vibes but also for his worldwide famous Ziggi Rolling Papers which over the years has become a necessity for every true herb smoker.

It all started 25 years ago when Ziggi – smoking herb and working on his first package of filter tips originally shaped in a small book which formed a neatly handmade key holder – first heard Peter Tosh’s ‘Legalize it’! He dived into the exploration of reggae music and started his personal Rasta journey. Reggae vinyl’s, Irie riddims, custom-made filter tips, rolling papers and spreading awareness about cannabis became his life mission. And he is far from being done. His DJ path began in 1992, playing reggae records at the hangout spots in his hometown Ljubljana’s. Five years later he organized the first reggae bashment in Slovenia’s capital, which makes 1997 the year DubTafari Sound was born. After that, it all came naturally; collaborations with various reggae artists, hundreds of dubplates, hundreds of parties, and annual visits to Jamaica where he spends months enjoying reggae music and Rastafari livity. Last but definitely not least – in 1998, he was the first one in the world to put an idea of rolling papers and tips in one package into reality. That was followed by an additional patented fold-out tray in 2009. Today, you almost can’t find a reggae festival in the region that he and his Ziggi team would not support. He comes there fully armed with his Ziggi rolling papers, high grade rolling equipment and a soundsystem full of reggae selections.

Dread & Alive: Nine Night™

In Dread & Alive: Nine Night, Ziggi Man becomes an ‘i’fficial comic book character, joining the cast as Drew McIntosh’s Herbman, providing herb, papers, knowledge and reggae music to the fullness!