Respect | Sista Livity and Sista Moni ft Good Over Evil

IRIE™ Magazine | RESPECT - Sista Livity & Sista Moni featuring Good Over Evil

Sista Livity and Sista Moni featuring Good Over Evil

Sista Livity and Sista Moni present their new album, ‘Only Love’, produced by Good Over Evil. It features seven themes and their respective Dub versions. In this album by Sista Livity & Sista Moni we can find conscious lyrics, catchy melodies and powerful instrumental. It’s a Roots Reggae album that invites you to enjoy, dance and ponder. The album ‘Only Love’ consists of 3 songs shared between Sista Livity and Sista Moni (Mr. Sun, Only Love and Beat Kick) and 2 songs of each artist (111 and Not Wicked Man of Sista Livity and Grow our plan and Sing along of Sista Moni) + the respective Dub versions.

Only Love

IRIE™ | Sista Livity and Sista Moni - Only Love featuring Good Over Evil

Release Date: May 1, 2019
Label: Good Over Evil
Copyright: 2019 Good Over Evil
Total Length: 3:34
Total Tracks: 1
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

Sista Livity is the personal project of Nerea M., singer of soul influence focused on conscious reggae. Out of the Barcelonean Sound System scene, she was part of the Purple Rockets collective for a time before embarking on her career as a solo singer. She has released several singles before this new album in combination with Sista Moni called Only Love. Sista Livity is part of Good Over Evil and Dr. Dubwiser projects.

Monica Lira aka Sista Moni, born in Sweden 1988. Moved to Spain in 2000 where her musical career started in 2004. Coming from a musical family, when she was 15 years old she started her musical career being part of Brainfood “family” Soundsystem in Torrevieja Spain. During those years she had the opportunity to gain more musical experience by performing, recording and doing collaboration with many good musicians, selecters, producers and Sound Systems around Europe.

Born between Les Terres de l’Ebre (Tortosa) and Barcelona with a conscious Rastafarian message and a compact sound, own and forceful, Good Over Evil are often accompanied by different musicians and singers in their direct. GOE have produced songs for artists such as Carlton Livingston, Alerta Kamarada, Leah Rosier, Sista Livity, Hermano Ele, Sista Moni, Pato Ranking, Anayah RootsLevi, Raszor Brankata, Robel, Ras Elijah.

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