Respect | Gracie Bassie ft Mykal Rose

IRIE™ Magazine | RESPECT - Gracie Bessie featuring Mykal Rose

Gracie Bassie featuring Mykal Rose

Reggae artist/multi-instrumental bassista Gracie Bassie, just released a new single April 16th in time to get rolling for 4:20 titled ‘One Draw’. A song dedicated to this magical medicinal plant that Gracie along with many others worldwide are advocates of. Weed. Herb. Marijuana. It’s been a very positive aspect in her life. Born and raised high up in the mountains of Colorado, one of the first states to legalize the recreational use of cannabis in 2012. She has witnessed how many others also benefit by using cannabis, in different forms, in places all over the World. She grew up hearing about the so-called ‘gateway drug’, when in reality, it inspired her to create, to look inside, and actually steered her away from drugs and alcohol. Like the great Bob Marley said, “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

One Draw

IRIE™ | Gracie Bassie - One Draw featuring Mykal Rose

Release Date: April 16, 2019
Label: Gracie Bassie Music
Copyright: 2019 Gracie Bassie Music
Total Length: 4:48
Total Tracks: 1
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

Gracie grew up listening to classic roots reggae artists such as Grammy Award winning reggae singer Mykal Rose, who is featured on her track singing both new and classic lyrics of his, alongside Gracie. Once upon a time about a decade ago, Gracie was called up on stage to play bass with one of her all time favorite artists, Mykal Rose. It lit a musical fire inside her that still burns today. Take a trip, full circle with Gracie Bassie and Mykal Rose as they combine forces from Colorado to Jamaica, thanks to Mama K international collaborations, bringing you something fresh and different in honor of this unstoppable plant…‘One Draw’ is a heavy yet mesmerizing riddim. Dreamy and Rootsy. A weed smoking tune, made up of both live and digital instruments. The song began with Gracie and Reggae/Dancehall producer Jamar Kelly. Gracie continued to add her rolling bass line, piano, live drums, organ and more. Soulful guitar riffs and chop coming from her Brother Cuatro Kruse. Distinct vocal styles from the honorable Mykal Rose in combination with Gracie Bassie’s feminine tones, are refreshing and complimentary. Mixed and mastered by Kyle Jones (Dub Morpheus), this will be the second single this year to be released under her independent label ‘Gracie Bassie Music’…Salute to the international herb!!

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