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Born on August 1, 1982, in St. James, Marconie ‘Singer Jah’ Fraser, later relocated to May Pen Clarendon where he began his lifelong dream to become an entertainer. Growing up as the younger of two children, Singer Jah was not to be the only musical prodigy of the struggling, single mother run household. Of course, growing up alongside older brother and Reggae Icon Ginjah was not a deterrent, if anything it ignited and further fueled this passion. Singer Jah jumped at the opportunity to audition for the 2008 Magnum King and Queen of the Dancehall Competition. From his very first audition, and throughout the competition, Singer Jah became famous for his powerful ‘Waasskaa, Waasskaa’ chant, which not only shook the minds of male fans but the hearts of his growing female fan base.

Singer Jah + Costa Rebel – Corona

IRIE™ | Singer Jah + Costa Rebel - Corona

Release Date: March 27, 2020
Label: Costa Rebel Studio
Copyright: 2020 Costa Rebel Studio
Total Length: 03:51
Total Tracks: 1
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

RESPECT | Singer Jah 1
RESPECT | Singer Jah 1

With his raspy voice, inviting smile, his humble demeanor, and smooth, rhythmic melodies, Singer Jah captured the audience of Jamaicans home and abroad that tuned in to view the show on 10 consecutive Saturdays. On the final night, April 19, 2008, Jamaica spoke, and Singer Jah was crowned the first ‘Magnum King of the Dancehall’. Since that night, Singer Jah has not looked back.

With an album recorded with producer Skatta Burrell under his belt, and several performances over the past year, including Beenie Man’s Summer Sizzle, Stone Love 36th Anniversary Show, General Degree’s Manchester Fiesta, Biker’s Fest in Montego Bay and Crystal Spring Family Fun Day & Stage Show in Portland, In addition, the single ‘Right On Time’ is now under heavy rotation on several Radio and Television stations, With the Almighty by his side, a staunch believer in positive and uplifting music for the nation, and soft songs of adoration and affection for his ‘fluffy’ ladies singer Jah promises to continue delivering only the best.

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